Enhancing Misconduct Management for a Leading University in Australia by Leveraging the Power of Automation

In recent years, student misconducts in universities and other educational institutions have become a growing concern. The academic environment, once known for fostering growth, learning, and positive social interactions, has faced challenges related to various forms of misconduct such as Cheating, Plagiarism, and Fabrication or Falsification to name a few. Additionally, the growing number of students and easy availability of generative technologies to the students, have significantly contributed to sudden spikes in the number of misconducts in the educational institution. Consequently, the client, a leading academic institution in ANZ region, was facing difficulties in tracking and acting upon the misconducts via their existing processes which included areas that were unsecure and had a lot of repetitive manual work.

Based on Espire’s expertise in business analysis, automation, digital transformation, and software development skills, our team proposed the solution that shall be beneficial for lecturer in charge, academic integrity team, academic integrity officer, and eventually for Faculty Academic Misconducts Management Committee (including the Faculty Deans and the Faculty Managers- to decide and help action, should there be any severe penalties applicable to the student).

  • Reduced the time required to generate a report of misconduct by 70%
  • The new system ensures that the reports are adhering to the compliances
  • Reports can be made easily and can been ensured that they are adhering to the compliances
  • Generated reports offer transparency to both students and the stakeholders
  • The system offers authority-based log ins of the reports making them secure
  • The letters of communications can be generated seamlessly and error-free

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