Enhancement of an Automated Global Distributor and United Parcel Services Data Applications for a Global Electronics Component Distributor

Business Requirement

The client has a wide range of business applications, namely Global Distributor & UPS Data Operator Tool that need enhancement, support and maintenance services to meet its ever changing requirements of the business on a global scale. The web application, 'Global Distributor is a backbone of the client's business, accessed by other subsidiaries too across the globe. This application captures the complete business process flow beginning from customer requirement to invoicing and returns.

Business Solution

Espire enhanced the 'Supplier Invoices' functionality in the existing business over all GDA. Previously, supplier invoices references were keyed into global Distributor and SAGE systems simultaneously, that duplicated the work & effort, as a result, the data was mismatched for these two systems. In order to overcome these challenges, Espire improved the supplier invoices feature with GDA.

Business Benefits

  • Eliminated the twin problems of human error and daily manual intervention in various critical tasks
  • Application continues to save time and cost of operation
  • Availability of shipping Information in real time such as Airway Bill No etc.
  • Reduced the processing time and improved the performance

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