Enhanced flexibility & scalability with Azure Cloud migration for a leading European Insurance Holding Company

About the Brand

A leading insurance company in Europe with a strong presence in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. The company focuses on Customer experience & driving personalized communication to optimize internal processes and stay ahead of the market challenges.

Business Challenges

Due to the impending risk of Brexit, data centers were required to be moved

  • Data Center was hosted on-premise in UK, which was required to be moved to the EEU region due to Brexit and GDPR
  • Needed to upgrade all templates, workflow, applications and associate dependencies from old Quadient version-11 to new Quadient version-14
  • Scalable cloud data centres required

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Migrating data centre to AZURE Cloud & Quadient upgrade

Quadient-Based Solutions

  • Espire migrated the data centres to Europe for complying with GDPR guidelines
  • Espire migrated the data centre to Azure Cloud because its easily scalable and maintainable
  • All the identified components and data files were verified, validated and integrated with the updated version of Quadient-14
  • Espire conducted the following tests to ensure successful integration:
    • Quadient Upgrade Test
    • E2E Test
    • Platform Integration Test
    • Parallel Testing program
    • Application Migration Test
    • Go Live testing

Business Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Multi-channel delivery was implemented
  • Improved flexibility & scalability
  • Enhanced performance

Tools & Technologies

  • Quadient Inspire
  • Quadient Automation
  • Quadient Designer
  • Quadient Interactive
  • JIRA service management

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