Enhanced DW Ecosystem with Cloud Migration for a leading European Insurance Company

About the Brand

The customer is a leading European insurance group, which provides different insurance products to over 30 countries, with key focus on Europe & Asia.

Business Overview

Majority of data intake was through delimited files coming from varied sources.

DW Integration to data sources was partially automated as in majority of cases data extracts were manually placed in folders, from where it’s picked up and processed through SSIS Packages.

Business Challenges

  • Managing data growth and performance was challenge
  • Lack of end-to-end integration was prone to human error 
  • Required a technology partner to carry out cloud migration 

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Espire assessed the business bottlenecks and suggested a two-step phase-wise approach to ensure incremental evolution of the DW ecosystem in cloud 

  • All existing data warehouse ecosystem was shifted from SQL Server to Azure Synapse
  • Network share on-premises was migrated to Azure Storage 
  • Data source file ingestion was automated to provide an efficient and secure way for source owners to send data to the customer
  • A front-end application was developed on .NET to enable internal/ external users to easily upload files. 

The following activities were carried out on Azure synapse: 

  • Setup Azure Storage as network share
  • Create Schema in Azure Synapse 
  • Migrate Database to Azure Synapse 
  • Move data from existing DB to Azure Synapse 
  • 22 SSIS packages to point Azure Storage Network share & Azure Synapse 
  • Deploy SSIS packages using cloud server

Business Benefits

  • Improved collaboration between departments & enhanced staff experience
  • The migration improved the automation of key business processes
  • Reduced the dependence on manual efforts 
  • Increased data backup & performance
  • Enhanced security of business data and assets 
  • Lowered the cost of operations 

Tools & Technologies

  • MSBI Stack – SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS
  • Azure

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