Dot Net Application Maintenance and Support for a Document Solutions Leader

Business Requirement

The Client uses .NET CRM application named as MiWorld to maintain customer and their machine’s data. The application helps Sales team with their critical operations like churning opportunities and receiving information around orders; products and pricing; inventory and billing. The application interacts with other third party systems for their data. Due to critical nature of the application and scheduled jobs running at late hours, it requires monitoring and support services round the clock.

Business Solution

Espire provides onsite support services and maintains comprehensive documentation of the applications.

  • Production Support (Incidents and Small Change Requests)
  • Reports available in various user folders within the path
  • MI Forecast and MI Setup modules appears on top bar in MI World

Business Benefits

  • Provides 24/7 support of the applications based on Global Delivery Model
  • Augmentations to existing functionality completely offshored in a period of 4 years
  • Reduces cost of maintenance of the applications

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