Development of an Automated Communications Application for a Global Document Management Company

Business Requirement

Effective communication with customers is an essential part of a smoothly running business organization. The client had always communicated with its global customers through different mediums like email, phone, fax, etc. which consumed a lot of manpower and time. The client wanted to make the communication more accurate and efficient with less manual involvement.

Business Solution

Espire developed and implemented the application (TTM1.0 and TTM1.1) effectively at the client office in Singapore. The gateway application acts as a processing layer to the system where the data will be collected (inflow) from different sources like EP, ITSS, and SYSTEM21, processed and re-distributed (outflow). A concept of interface layer was introduced in the system to integrate different systems with each other.

Business Benefits

  • Espire has eliminated the twin problems of human error and daily manual intervention in various critical tasks and the application continues to save time and cost of operation
  • Better communication between sales team and customers
  • Better synchronization of device information and billing

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