Development of a Mobile ERP Solution

Business Requirement

The client's challenge was to create a mobile remote data capture system to handheld a wireless device that interfaces with a large existing ERP system with barcode scanning and printing capabilities.

The objective was to instantly provide the data to the management resource center to improvise on the invoicing, tracking, order processing and delivery processes and thereby achieving a fast and smooth workflow process.

Business Solution

Espire successfully developed a system that mobilizes the existing Corporate Express Enterprise Application (MasterPack ERP package) hosted over RedBack Application server on the Informix Database. The mobile solution enables MasterPack's availability to the mobile workforce and thus increasing their productivity.

SOAP/XML is used for interfacing between the ERP application and the PocketPC devices which provides a basic messaging framework upon which web services can be built.

Business Benefits

  • Easy user interface for quick learning curve
  • Automate data input as much as possible so that the field representatives may quickly fill up a form by selecting among various options provided for a particular field, wherever applicable
  • Barcode scanning/printing provides better data and eliminates the possibility of human error
  • Standard SOAP interface for synchronization

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