Development & Implementation of a Web Based Lease and Contract Management Application

Business Requirement

The client's major business involves leasing of the photocopying machines to its operators under various contractual schemes. To automate this process, the client needed an application that would manage the administration, billing and updating of such contracts.

Business Solution

According to the client’s need and our extensive & successful engagement with them, Espire developed and integrated a web-based version of the application using Oracle 11g/10gAS at the client’s office in Philippines. This application is accessed through a centralized authentication server placed at another office in Singapore.

Business Benefits

  • The architecture of the web-based application is in line with the architecture of other oracle-based applications across the operating companies which enables it to reduce maintenance cost
  • Enables easy integration of any other applications with the web-based application
  • The web based application is used for lease agreement as well as hire purchase agreement, without affecting the business or data logic

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