Designed a self-service portal to improve time to market for a leading European Insurance Holding Company

About the Brand

A leading insurance company in Europe with a strong presence in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. The company focuses on Customer experience & driving personalized communication to optimize internal processes and stay ahead of the market challenges.

Business Challenges

  • Interactive feature was required for service agents to help them modify and update paragraphs or content in the documents.
  • The self-service portal would help service agents approve suggested changes in the document without requiring any assistance from the development team.

Business Solution

Quadient-Based Solutions

  • A service portal was set up using Quadient Interactive.
  • The new design would provide interactivity so that the service agents can update the documents whenever required by directly using the service portal.
  • They will be able to review, edit and approve changes in the document content, track the editing and update process real-time and upload their e-signatures efficiently.

Business Benefits

  • The service agents will be able to review & modify documents real-time & track changes 
  • Faster time to market
  • Allowed service agents to personalize documents as per the customer needs 
  • Provided flexibility & agility

Tools & Technologies

  • Quadient Inspire
  • Quadient Automation
  • Quadient Interactive

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