Delivering Personalised Customer Communications to drive Greater Business Outcomes

About the Brand

Major US holding company providing insurance, investments and many other services to 27 million customers – including policy services in 52 states, with different regulatory policies.

Business Challenges

Customer communication bottlenecks - such as increased time for document generation, along with escalated costs.

  • Complex dynamic documents 1 leading to high IT costs
  • Compliance issues due to manual communication processes
  • Lack of personalization & minimal messaging changes in documents

Business Solution

Implement end-to-end Customer Communication Management solution

Quadient-Based Solutions

  • High volume of documentation processing enabled
  • Personalized policy document and stock management for every state
  • Customer Journey Mapping to deliver highly personalized CX
  • Manual errors correction with automated processes - ease to filter policy documents

Business Benefits

  • Greater delivery of Relevant & Personalized Communications across devices & channels
  • Improved Customer Retention with optimized workflow to ensure timely delivery
  • Accelerate document production, by almost 50%
  • Reduced Operational Cost & lowered total cost of ownership

Tools & Technologies

Inspire Suite

  • Inspire Content Manager
  • Windows
  • Inspire Designer

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