Delivering multi-channel personalised CX for a leading government-owned electricity & gas distribution company in Singapore

About the Brand

A leading government-owned electricity and gas distribution company in Singapore, which specializes in providing sustainable energy solutions to all its customers.

Business Challenges

  • Delivering personalized customer communication across channels was a challenge
  • Customer experience and speed-to-market was affected due to the outdated version
  • Security and compliance was at risk

Business Needs

  • Required to upgrade OpenText Exstream from v9 to v16 for facilitating seamless customer communications across all touchpoint
  • Needed to upgrade all supporting components like Exstream Designer, Design Manager, License Server, Live Editor and Command Center for efficient support, patches and upgrade

Solutioning proposed by Espire

  • Espire assessed the brand’s bottlenecks and enabled seamless OpenText technology stack migration for improving CX across all customer touchpoints
  • For efficient management of the brand’s print & digital (presentations/email) communications, all OpenText Exstream products were upgraded from version 9.x to version v16.6.1
  • All supporting components - Exstream Designer (16.6.1), Design Manager (16.6.1), LicenseServer(1.2), LiveEditor(4.5) and Command Center (3.1.1) were upgraded to their latest versions
  • A complete repository with version history for the common objects like history for all bills, letters, forms, and templates were efficiently maintained
  • Enhanced the ability to access and manage logos, templates and company addresses directly from the current central repository
  • All security and complaince protocols were complied

Business Benefits

  • Personalised all customer touchpoints
  • Improved CX on digital channels
  • Easy access to customer engagement analytics
  • Enabled on-premise cloud deployment options
  • Integrated communications across all channels
  • Improved time to market, security & compliance SLAs

Tools & Technologies

  • OpenText Exstream
  • Design Manager
  • Live Editor
  • Exstream Designer
  • License Server
  • Command Center

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