Delivered a New Tariff launch portal to fast-track customer communication across channels for a leading multinational energy and utilities company

About the Brand

The customer is a leading multinational energy and utilities company based out of UK, which specializes in Energy Marketing & Trading, Distributed Energy & Power, and Exploration & Production businesses

Business Challenges

  • Complex and time-consuming change management cycle
  • Extensive IT involvement needed for making changes to a New Tariff Launch
  • Very slow time to market

Business Needs

  • Required a scalable technology solution-Self Service Portal to allow business users, content authors to make relevant updates and drive communication to the market for new Tariff Launch with minimal dependence on IT Change Management
  • Needed an agile solution which allowed multiple communication changes on-the-go across channels-print, email, sms etc

Solutioning proposed by Espire

After analyzing the existing system, our experts proposed migrating to Quadient Inspire Interactive Solution

  • Deployed an agile development methodology using Zone and Letter Type workflow to enable business users to easily carry out most of the changes in document production with minimized IT efforts
  • Workflow process defined-to ensure appropriate authorizations were in place before publishing
  • Standardized the content language and terms and conditions for documents-which can't be updated by users without further permissions
  • Role based authorization to ensure right users have access to make the right changes and go through the complete approval cycle
  • Centralized digital asset and template repository storage allowed the staff to easily access data
  • Seamless integration with digital archiving solutions provided easy retrieval of documents

Business Benefits

  • Empowered the customer to deliver seamless communications across all channels while reducing IT change reliance
  • Optimized workflows and ensured timely delivery of new Tariff communication
  • Time to launch new communications reduced from 3-4 weeks to 2-4 days
  • Enabled the brand to deliver personalized communications at scale
  • Rapid trouble shooting resulted in problem resolution in minutes
  • Reduced the content creation & publication lead times &improved the time to market

Tools & Technologies

  • Quadient Interactive

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Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

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