Building Enhanced CX with effective Content Management and Employee Experiences

About the Brand

The client is multiple award-winning Healthcare IT Leader that digitises, connects, and analyzes Singapore's health ecosystem. Its aim is to improve the Singapore population's health and health administrations by integrating intelligent, highly resilient, and cost-effective technologies.

Business Needs

There was a need to for a partner who had the expertise in managing their current SharePoint based portal and in devising a coherent migration strategy.

  • Upgrade current SharePoint version to the newest version
  • Stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive healthcare environment
  • Seamless operation & collaboration and to efficiently manage costs
  • Build a responsive web design to remove clutter and ensure web pages are equally good irrespective of the device/application

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Espire proposed a robust strategy to address the upgrade & migration objectives meeting all technical and security aspects - leveraging expertise of our dedicated SharePoint CoE

We had also suggested UI for each mobile and device, individually

  • Thorough assessment done to understand technical support required for successful migration strategy and implementation
  • Conducted comprehensive design & initiated migration of the platform to SharePoint's newest upgrade
  • Provided architecture, upgrade, migration, application support & UX services
  • Ensured managed services & support along with active governance and quality measures for timely delivery of the project
  • Performance testing carried out also as part of the project

Business Benefits

  • Mitigating disparate CX on multiple platforms & increasing engagement with mobile friendly portal tailored for the customers on the go
  • Responsive design implementation resulting in impressive CX
  • Effective management of content-anywhere and anytime leading to enhanced Multiexperience for business users
  • Significant improvement in overall Employee Experience (EX) - improved ease of use & accessibility for several stakeholders with a centralised "Procurement Portal"
  • Secure migration to cloud for scalability with better content management
  • Reduced time and maintenance cost & Enabled secure communication with visitors/clients

Tools & Technologies

  • ASP.Net
  • SharePoint Server
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Jmeter
  • Windows Server
  • JQuery
  • Silverlight
  • Broken Links
  • SQL Server
  • Visual Studio
  • NuGet
  • Analysis Testing Tool

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