New Age Cloud Solutions are Changing Game For SMEs

Businesses are fast adopting to cloud technologies with continuous advancements and benefits of cloud services as a smarter way of computing. Cloud technology has been a favorite for large scale businesses and is now been increasingly taken up by small businesses as well. The advantages and benefits cloud technology bring with it has been propelling businesses to adopt cloud services which includes cost effectiveness, round the clock access, mobility, scalability, uptime, increased collaboration, data protection and security. The positive return of cloud computing promises revolutionary transformation for budding small and medium enterprises who are generally short of resources and funds.

With a world full of competition, no one wants to remain behind. Organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase their profit margins without compromising security, quality, cost and efficiency. Small and medium enterprises, which make up a large part of the industrial businesses can benefit in many ways by adopting the cloud. Many organizations have begun to embrace the cloud, while some are still persisting with legacy models, unaware of the lucrative benefits of cloud computing. Here are the factors that make cloud technology the perfect solution for small and medium businesses.

Serverless Architecture

Organizations need to buy or lease large servers to host or run business applications. These computers are available as service PaaS- a good solution design which can address key business needs. PaaS services are available at different tiers and gives options to reduce the cost of overall solution and maintainability which is quite significant. With PaaS business can reduce cost and increase productivity simultaneously. It enables organizations to understand and redefine their processes without incurring huge costs of setting up added infrastructure and human resources.

Flexibility & Scalability

Cloud technology is well suited to the ever-changing financial dynamics of SMEs as it offers the possibility to scale up and down at any time without unnecessary stress on cost. Cloud computing offers great advantage in terms of scalability as it simply requires an increase in the number of user licenses. All cloud service providers are capable of handling increased/seasonal trafficon need basis. Hence, scaling up operations for SMEs is flawless with a cloud solution. A cloud solution is also cost effective for scaling down of operations by simply reducing the number of user licenses and eliminates the wastage of unwanted resources.

Cost Effectiveness

The sole aim of budding organizations is to ensure sustainability, book profits and maintain steady growth. SMEs aspiring for growing their business, surviving and dominating the ever-competitive world needs to find ways to reduce their expenditure and make optimum use of resources. Cloud solutions help businesses to reduce capital investment and ongoing operational expenses by avoiding the need to create, maintain, and secure the IT infrastructure. Cloud users do not need to pay any charges for the up-keep and maintenance of servers and need to pay only for the resources that they consume in terms of subscription fee for a specified number of user licenses. As a result, the cost for maintaining a cloud solution goes down drastically.


Security breaches are a reality that every business is facing today and has to continually struggle to maintain the integrity of its data and that of its client’s. With SMEs the stakes are high as they move towards gaining trust of their growing customers and ensure faith in their brand in order to sustain and flourish. Data security thus takes the centerstage for budding enterprises. Cloud technology is a step in this direction to enhance the security of any company’s critical data. Experience cloud service providers with their experts protect your data through encryption and secure it from the hands of hackers and unauthorized users. Organization need to develop overall cloud strategy and ensure right security measures are implemented to protect and secure organizations data.

Data Protection

Data lost or deleted by accident or system crash is data gone forever and SMEs can’t afford to invest time and money on data retrieval or loss of client in case of data loss denting their reputation. Thanks to cloud computing, sensitive data remains backed up on the server and can be accessed even if there is system breakdown. It also helps delete sensitive data remotely in case of emergency or loss of in-house machines to avoid it falling in wrong hands.


With evolution of technology and new innovations cloud solutions have come up as better option over traditional software services which offers great advantages to small and medium businesses. With the promising benefits cloud has to offer, SMEs today can be as effective as the larger parties at a very reasonable cost. From flexibility, scalability to affordability and security, cloud technologies are helping SMEs to grow and expand their business. In the rapidly evolving digital age, small businesses need to adopt and harness such technologies at hand to remain competitive and drive long term revenue.

Espire Infolabs offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services focusing on seamless collaboration across your business functions - creating an agile, flexible, and a customer centric environment – employing the highest level of security, resiliency and disaster recovery standards. Our service methodology spans a wide range of capabilities around consulting, assessment, migration, security and support services to maximize on scalability, performance and go to market capabilities. Together, Espire with its strategic partnerships ensures delivery of best in class cloud solutions, ensuring smooth transition of your business-critical data delivering both scalability and reliability.

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