Author : Manish Pandey
Sr. PM Infrastructure

With over 16 years of experience in the IT infrastructure & architecture domain, Manish has been effectively handling projects & service delivery at Espire. He has been playing an active role in strategic decisions for our clients in their cloud adoption journey. Over the years, he has been able to inspire individuals to strive towards greater success.

COVID-19: Why Cloud Adoption can save the day for businesses

The complexity of operating on-premise model, legacy hardware and servers had become unsustainable in a rapid changing market - with stiff competition and reduced margins.

The need to deliver fast requires businesses not to just boost productivity, but also ensure faster movement of data across the enterprise and with the stakeholders, especially in the times we live in. Businesses of all nature requires a mobile solution in the era of remote working.

Cloud has emerged as a solution that fits the bill, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak!

By 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of business innovation - states Gartner.

The need of the hour across teams is to collaborate and deliver projects - not just in time, but also with optimum end target achievements. The world now is witnessing the inevitable rise of cloud, as a majority of workforce is required to work remotely.

COVID-19 has reaffirmed the belief that cloud adoption & optimisation is not just about achieving optimum business functionality but also about ensuring the survival and sustainability of modern enterprises.

"As businesses shutter their brick and mortar operations and, where they can, transition to a remote workforce, it is clear how important the cloud is for continuity of operations," GlobalData.

It is worth noting how the leaders in cloud space have performed during the outbreak. Forrester in its recent report mentioned talked about three global cloud leaders including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

1. Microsoft Azure

Forrester notes that there has been a 500 percent increase in engagements through Microsoft Azure's Teams remote collaboration platform since 31st January, with an increasing number of conferences, meetings and calls that continue to uptrend. There has also been a 200 percent increase in Teams usage on mobile devices. The important mention for Microsoft was about its availability across geographically dispersed locations.

2. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is applauded for its resilient services through its pandemic response by strategic planning and continuous scaling to meet the spike in demands. Amazon Web Services has incorporated Pandemic response policies and procedures as part of its disaster recovery planning. Amazon's services have been noteworthy as they continue to scale their capacity and ensure service continuity.

3. Google Cloud

Google Cloud continues to deliver with its service availability and support to customers round the clock. Google's internal working group is ensuring business continuity by planning and mitigating adverse business impacts to companies during the COVID-19 phase. Google's support has been handy not just for businesses but also the end customers and governments during today's crisis.

As remote working and collaboration intensifies, COVID-19 will only become a catalyst for global cloud adoption, across industries. The unexplored potential of cloud is sure to be unearthed in these times, as business demand for cloud platforms spike up & new researches and innovations around cloud unfold.

At the same time - a flexible, time & cost saving solution that can be implemented in no time and which expands the limitations and capacity of modern businesses will see an inevitable rise!

Microsoft said that it has seen a 775% increase in the use of its cloud services in areas operating under enforced social distancing or shelter-in-place orders. A lot of these are in big cities that host larger business centers.

All said, employing the right technology partner who will securely provision your cloud transition, is a crucial step before embarking on your digital transformation journey. At Espire, we understand these priorities and are enabling organizations to realize business returns from their cloud investments.


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