Author : Vikas Kumar
Director - Customer Experience, Espire | Sitecore MVP 2021

Vikas is a Sitecore MVP who heads the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) initiatives at Espire. A skilled craftsman in competency building, Vikas is a go-to-CMS expert, known for designing & developing best practices, that consistently transforms digital journey for clients.

Composable DXP: Deliver contextual digital experiences to bolster business growth

The COVID-19 pandemic elevated the importance and urgency of digital experience management and delivery and reignited the importance of digital transformation. Most brand leaders are often struggling with the usability, scalability and uptime of their DXP systems, due to the spikes in traffic and growing demands of the digital channels.

Gartner describes a DXP as an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences.

Composable DXP has completely revolutionized the entire DXP landscape, allowing brands to decompose and create a technology stack which is well-suited to their dynamic business needs. Composable DXP supports brands in accelerating their digital transformation initiatives in the following ways:

  • Marketeers can use transformational tools like AI and Machine Learning to deliver consistent and contextual communications throughout the customer journey
  • They can leverage an omni-channel approach to reach out to the customers across multiple devices at the right time
  • By integrating with marketing automation and personalization tools, composable DXP helps brands drive targeted campaigns based on customer preferences and business data
Composable dxp deliver contextual digital experiences to bolster business growth

The future of DXPs is completely customizable, cloud native with an API-first approach, which maximizes the speed of campaign executions. In this blog, we will discuss the core capabilities of a composable DXP.

1. Content Services

Creating and managing content for driving multi-channel customer communications is necessary for driving customer engagement. A headless content management system forms the bedrock for composable DXP, which simplifies content creation and optimization process, making content deployment faster across multiple customer touchpoints.

In our webinar with Contentful, industry experts share the host of advantages of headless CMS to build better end-to-end digital experiences for 2021 & beyond. Watch the webinar on-demand > here

2. Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is important to analyze customer preferences and deliver personalized communications across touchpoints

3. Customer data management

A CDP platform helps centralize customer data to help brands get a complete 360-degree view of the customer, to drive targeted marketing campaigns for greater upselling opportunities.

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4. Search, navigation and insight

Website search, navigation and insights help brand marketers optimize website performance and transform user experience.

5. Commerce

Commerce platforms like OrderCloud, Salesforce or shopify help brands drive intuitive purchases throughout the customer’s journey to enhance customer’s buying experience and give a transparent view of the sales funnel.

6. Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management platforms act as a centralized library of digital assets like images, audio and video files, documents etc, allowing relevant departments to easily access and deploy the digital content at scale.

7. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation helps brands drive automated campaigns at scale to drive greater customer engagements and greater ROI.

Espire’s Composable DXP Approach for brands

According to Gartner, organizations using composable DXPs can deliver new features up to 80% faster than organizations using traditional suites.

Composable dxp deliver contextual digital experiences to bolster business growth2

Espire leverages a wide range of tools and technologies to build a composable DXP solution, helping brands drive targeted marketing campaigns to attain business outcomes. Some of the benefits of deploying our modular stack-based approach are:

  • One Content Infrastructure i.e. Contentful or Sitecore
  • Faster Time to Value Architecture
  • Low Risk on Experiments & Iterations
  • Improved Agility with Faster Deployments

Espire can help your brand build a future-proof tech stack, which is in line with the dynamic business requirements and deploy a composable DXP architecture to help you deliver contextual user experiences across all touchpoints. To know how we’re delivering impeccable digital experiences, get in touch with us at


Accelerating digital experiences with powerful ui ux for leading industries

UI & UX has emerged as a mainstay when it comes to offering an engaging and easy-to-navigate website/user interface to users. A careful UI/UX design strategy can help in transforming the way organizations interact with their customers as well as their employees by making the platform more streamlined, agile, proactive, easy-to-use and intuitive. Moreover, it can help in increasing user retention, engagement, conversion rates and eventually better ROI.

Espire infolabs enhances search experience for acu wins searchstax partner excellence award 2021

The global leader in search experience management, SearchStax has recognized Espire Infolabs in the Partner Excellence Award 2021 (APAC) for assisting Australian Catholic University (ACU), transform its site search with SearchStudio and driving greater engagement and conversions.

Sitecore composable dxp multiexperience solutions for driving greater business outcomes

Espire is helping leading brands deploy Sitecore Composable DXP to deliver multiexperience and total experience solutions at scale. Sitecore is constantly adding cutting-edge tools and technologies to give marketers and developers the flexibility to compose their DXP platform to deliver total experience solutions at scale. Enterprises are prioritizing their move towards delivering multiexperience solutions to drive impeccable staff and customer experience.

Sitecore ordercloud top features and benefits for driving exceptional digital experiences

Sitecore’s OrderCloud is an API-first headless cloud platform which empowers brands to streamline key business operations like efficient order management, marketplace application integration and driving eCommerce experiences for customers. It seamlessly integrates with your brand’s existing technology stack to drive targeted customer communications and digital experiences across multiple touchpoints

Searchstax and sitecore the top integration benefits for search optimization and personalization

SearchStax can be seamlessly integrated across the multiple versions of Sitecore, which enables brands to drive exceptional digital experiences with enhanced search optimization and personalization. Search Engine Optimization has emerged as a key marketing goal for brands to spread the word about their service offerings and acquire new customers

Sitecore composable dxp future proof your business with end to end digital experiences

Marketing strategies in 2022 and beyond would be focused on seamless integration of technology platforms, cloud adoption and upgrading the tech stack for greater agility and resilience. Sitecore Composable DXP has emerged as a leading Digital Experience Platform for brands to drive impeccable digital experiences at scale

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