6 Top Ways Chatbots Can Propel Customer Journey Mapping

Modern technology has truly changed the way brands are communicating with the customers. Providing customer experience today is not just crucial but very much possible with modern tools of ongoing digital transformation. Your customers now can experience truly comfortable journey with you- thanks to digital innovation of modern age- the age of industrial revolution 4.0.

So the question is - Are you in the game?

Are you ready to handle the competition?

What are the right tools to provide awe-inspiring customer experience?

What makes a seamless customer journey?

How can you beat the competition?

The answer is right here as you read the article.

Customers today are accustomed to flexible and proactive personal communication platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.). Unless brands can create customized and seamless journeys, their services will not be of much benefit to customers. The point is that today there are no excuses for brands to resort to old ways of interacting with customers. With intelligent industrial-led advances in machine learning and deep learning, it is in an enviable position to digitally transform its ecosystems by deploying chat sites.

"85% of all customer service interactions will be handled through Chatbots by 2020," Gartner said

Although customer-human chat sessions have always been part of the customer service journey, they have often not shown truly satisfied customer experience. Chatbots are slowly becoming a game change for organizations not only to enhance their customers' experience but also to build their own brands. Global smartphone penetration is expected to exceed 65% in 2018, so is data access and thus chatbot on either the web, mobile or messenger apps will become the center of the customer service strategy and customer experience that organizations should use. This AI-driven mechanism and deep learning algorithm will ensure robots can communicate as we humans do.

How chatbots can improve a customer's journey

A customer journey map is a visual representation of each interaction with customers. However, it is no longer simple to set and deliver. Customers move seamlessly between channels and devices (online and offline), but still expect personalized services. Communicating with them in the right place at the right time is a challenge and an opportunity. It's where the chat software comes in. It allows brands to create a successful customer journey for all multi-channel platforms.

By dealing with increasingly complex tasks and managing more credible "human" interactions, it enables service representatives to undertake other mission critical tasks. This results in meeting customer expectations, regardless of the channel they choose.

Steps to customize chat sites across the customer's journey

  • Make sure high-value content is available
  • Address customer requirements through detailed and relevant FAQs and access to CRM histories
  • Speak in client language - a good chatbot must be able to provide multi-channel and multilingual support
  • Tracking and segmenting customers based on profile and behavior patterns

Advantages of chatbot driven Customer Journey

  • Effective handling of frequent customer inquiries saves time for the customer and reduces effort in delivering service
  • Instantly customize interactions based on customer analytics
  • Ability to handle multiple clients at once, without human assistance
  • Provides 24/7 support service, without any restrictions on time zones or opening hours
  • Valuable insights into customer buying behavior using order history and suggestions for the next order
  • Minimum cost and resource reduction

In this fast-paced world, competitive differentiation is all about providing the best possible experience at every step of the customer journey. There is no doubt that time is running out for those who still doubt the impact of work on the use of chatbots to lead these trips. After all, it is the world of robotics. Unless brands have chat sites on their part, to guide customers through meaningful and sustainable journeys - they may lose competition.

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