Author : Sushovan Saha
Global Marketing Manager - Espire Infolabs

Sushovan is a Sitecore MVP and a seasoned Marketing professional, with 10 years of extensive experience in the IT, SaaS, and communications industry. He helps drive brand value, increase engagements & realise revenue goals with integrated marketing strategies.

5 Pillars of Contextual Communications to drive Impressive CX & greater Customer Engagement

Communicating and engaging with the customers has rarely been an easy nut to crack. In recent times and especially during the pandemic, the phrase 'content is king' has caught on like wildfire in the world of marketing but in retrospect, content without context has no value for customers. The primary goal for guaranteeing the success of any marketing initiative is to deliver contextual communications to customers for greater engagement and higher customer value.


In simple words, Contextual Communications means that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time, using the right channel. The essence behind creating relevant and contextual customer engagements is understanding the customer needs and delivering personalized communications. Context in communication has dramatic potential to not just attract customers but delight them with impressive customer experiences.

Creating content that hits the right cord with customers goes a long way and helps in cultivating meaningful customer relationships. With customer experience becoming a competitive differentiator, contextual communication takes the center stage. Personalized, relevant, targeted and contextual delivery of content has become the backbone of every customer experience strategy.


Let’s delve into the basic pillars of contextual communication that will keep your customers engaged and drive impressive customer experiences are:
a) Content that strikes the right tone; b) Content that customers want; c) Content that becomes word of mouth; d) Content Delivery at the right moment and (e) Content delivered with the right channel and device

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1. Content That Strikes the Right Tone

Contextual communication always strikes the right tone with customers as its creative ingenuity brings together the geographical and cultural nuances that are related to the customer. The advantage of such communication is the relevancy of the content with the customer's emotions, socio-economic background, values, and cultural ethos.

2. Content That Customers Want

Contextual communication holds a critical position in defining a brand's content strategy because customers do not engage with the content delivered to them, if it does not interest them, or is irrelevant to their needs. For delighting customers with engaging content, businesses must capture and analyze customer demands by utilizing transformational technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning.

3. Content Delivery at the Right Moment

Delivering the right content at the right time can be achieved with the help of the right analytics, a thorough study of behavioral patterns and consumer preferences. Brands must focus on targeting their content at the right time to increase the rate of engagement and ultimately increase conversions.

4. Content that Becomes Word of Mouth

Contextual communication not only ensures that you deliver relevant content to your customers but also delight them with your innovative and creative content delivery. Content that hits the right emotional cord often gets shared on social media, giving you more reach and maximizing your audience. When customers share your communication collateral within their network, your content becomes word of mouth.

5. Content Delivered Through the Right Channel and the Right Device

In an age of omnichannel, cross-channel and cross-device delivery of content, brands should be proactive to ensure that the content shared across channels is consistent with their brand tonality and ethos.

With contextual customer experiences, business leaders are now putting customer centricity into action with personalized content delivered across platforms and devices for higher engagement, loyalty and retention. These digital practices with impressive contextual customer experiences allow brands to both retain and acquire customers while maximizing their profit margins.

Successful businesses are the ones that deliver relevant, contextual and real-time personalized experiences. Does your CX and digital transformation efforts lead to meaningful, personalized and contextual content for your customers and prospects? Partner with us today, and derive real business impact from our futuristic Digital Experience Management solutions. Reach out to us at for any query and do not forget to subscribe to our blog for industry trends around digital transformation and customer experience.


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5 pillars of contextual communications to drive impressive cx and greater customer engagement

In recent times and especially during the pandemic, the phrase ‘content is king’ has caught on like wildfire in the world of marketing but in retrospect, content without context has no value for customers. In simple words, Contextual Communications means that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time, using the right channel.

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