Author : Vikas Kumar
Director - Customer Experience, Espire | Sitecore MVP 2021

Vikas is a Sitecore MVP who heads the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) initiatives at Espire. A skilled craftsman in competency building, Vikas is a go-to-CMS expert, known for designing & developing best practices, that consistently transforms digital journey for clients.

4 aspects of Sitecore Content Hub to enable speedy Go to Market

The volume of content that organizations have been amassing is growing at a tremendous and at times, unmanageable levels. The growth of digital assets has added the burden with loads of them created and stored everywhere.

Brands are waking up to a pressing need to create systems that can effectively manage content assets for increased productivity, collaboration, efficiency along with faster time-to-market.

Sitecore Content Hub: A bouquet of Solutions

Packed with capabilities that replaces standalone siloed capabilities of DAM, CMP, PCM and MRM, Sitecore Content Hub acts as a cumulative solution that will become indispensable for large organizations with overwhelming disparate contents to accelerate their marketing campaigns and go to market strategies.

When it comes to reaching customers with relevant, contextual, exclusive & personalized content - the all new Content Hub (earlier Stylelabs) will become a must have. It will act as one central solution to manage all your digital content, assets and plans - helping you create, share & collaborate at ease. With all your content at your fingertips, your content strategy will find a fillip with delivery of new and improvised contents to your customers.

Sitecore Content Hub's out of the box offers a 360° view of your content landscape as your brand will have the luxury of having all digital assets and other content under one roof. Personalization in your content strategy will get a quick boost as you can now leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for tagging content. Sitecore CMS is integrated at a seamless ease and you can schedule, plan and organize content production in a structured manner.

It gives a 360-degree overview of all the assets and helps manage, add, and share them. With its intuitive, visually appealing and collaborative features Content Hub helps marketers streamline their disparate content to speed up and simplify their task.

"Sitecore's strengths are in its scalability and user interface. Sitecore is a good fit for companies looking for a midmarket or enterprise DAM solution in verticals that would benefit from a product that is closely aligned with adjacent digital experience (DX) software apps."

- The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q4 2019

Let us now tell you the details of all the capabilities that Sitecore Content Hub brings with itself namely the most important DAM and the others being CMP, PCM and MRM.

1. Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

Sitecore Content Hub with its CMP functionality allows you to craft highly focused and personalized content for a robust customer experience strategy through its CMP platform. It helps you identify gaps and leakages in your content strategy by allowing you to plan beforehand the need to create, collaborate and assign content for publication requirements across all channels.

2. Product Content Management (PCM)

Another important feature that separates Content Hub from stand-alone siloed solutions is its capability to manage product specific content by storing relevant information about your product at one place in order to send targeted message. As a Product Content Management system, Sitecore Content Hub helps you add contextual information about your products including its description, associated media and relevant benefits.

3. Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Content Hub is going to be loved by marketers more than ever as it is packed with the capability of Marketing Resource Management to monitor and track marketing operations pertaining to project management, trend analysis and impact measurement. MRM solutions offer a collection of offerings including marketing calendars, performance dashboards, reviews tracking and approval managements.

4. Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Content management, storage and retrieval at ease is the job of an efficient DAM. With Sitecore's DAM included in the Content Hub, you don't need to waste your time and duplication of efforts locating and searching one by one for missed and lost assets, or assets you know must be lying somewhere in there, in your disparate systems - whether in your external hard disks, laptops or desktop hard drives or be it in the cloud.

Sitecore Content Hub just serves the purpose and saves you your crucial time and effort by placing all content at one place readily available to be edited and shared with everyone at few clicks. A robust DAM hence is an indispensability for modern enterprises today.

Companies that benefit from an efficient DAM solution gain efficiency by simplifying the workflow, ensuring brand compliance, and gaining more traction from their digital assets. It is now your turn to grab the opportunity and take your time to develop a clear and consistent digital asset management strategy to harp on these benefits.

Contact us at to know more about Sitecore content hub and how it can help your brand. Espire is a Sitecore global partner with multiple Sitecore projects delivered for global locations and brands across multiple industry verticals. We are enabling digital transformation & personalization by crafting awe-inspiring Customer Experiences.


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