Top 11 Innovative AI-Assisted Testing Tools for 2023

Testing powered with AI consists of ML models and methodologies to ensure their software is of the highest quality, in fastest time. AI-based testing is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate various testing tasks and improve the accuracy and efficiency of software testing. Here are some of the features of AI-based testing:

Here are some of the features of AI-based testing:

  • Test Case Creation and Execution: AI-based testing tools can automatically generate and execute test cases, reducing the time and effort required for manual testing. These tools can analyze code and identify potential areas of risk, creating test cases that cover critical functionality and use cases.
  • Intelligent Test Data Generation: They can generate intelligent test data that simulate real-world scenarios and user behavior. It aids in identifying issues that may arise in complex environments and ensure that the software is robust enough to handle them.
  • Dynamic Test Environments: They can create dynamic test environments that mimics the real-world environment in which the software will be used.
  • Smart Test Analytics: AI-based testing tools can analyze test results in real-time, providing insights into test coverage, code quality, and performance. It helps teams identify areas that require further testing and improve the quality of their code.
  • Predictive Analytics: They use predictive analytics to identify potential issues before they occur. This can help teams proactively address issues and reduce the risk of software defects.
  • Continuous Testing: They can enable continuous testing, which involves testing software at every stage of the development cycle to identify issues early on and ensure that the software is continuously improving.
  • Integration with DevOps Tools: AI-based testing tools can integrate with DevOps tools, such as CI/CD pipelines and agile project management tools, to streamline the testing process and improve collaboration between development and testing teams.

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AI-based testing can offer several advantages over traditional testing methods:

  • Increased accuracy: AI algorithms can analyze large volumes of data with speed and accuracy, making it possible to detect even subtle changes and deviations from expected results that may be missed by human testers
  • Faster testing cycles: AI-based testing can automate many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks that are typically part of manual testing, allowing for faster turnaround times and quicker release cycles
  • Cost-effective: It can reduce the need for manual labor and can provide more thorough testing coverage, which can lead to reduced testing costs in the long run
  • Increased test coverage: It can analyze and test across a range of data and scenarios, making it possible to identify issues and vulnerabilities that may not be apparent to human testers
  • Enhanced scalability: AI-based testing can be scaled up or down depending on the size and complexity of the testing requirements, making it possible to accommodate rapidly changing needs and requirements
  • Continuous testing: It can be integrated with continuous testing methodologies, providing ongoing feedback and testing in real-time to ensure that applications are always performing at optimal levels

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Here is the detailed comparison of 11 AI Assisted Testing Tools that will help you decide which one is right for your project and organization-

Name What is it Type of Testing Supported Main Features AI Power AI Specialities
Functionize Product All common : functional, API, localization, web, salesforce * E2E tests that self-heal and run at-scale in the cloud
How it works:
* Create:Using AI arch and NLP with Big Data, Machine Learning
* Execute: in Test Cloud using Orchestrator for CI
* Maintain : Self-healing test scripts
* Analyze
* Continually learn from past tests and adapt their testing strategy in real time
* Uses AI arch and NLP with Big Data, Machine Learning, & Computer Vision
* Codeless test automation
* Self healing tests
* Uses Smart Element Recognition in place of rigid Locators that usually cause issues on UI change
* Data collection and analysis after each execution using AI-ML
* The "Avoid Test Maintenance" feature allows users to reduce the time spent on manual test maintenance by up to 70% saving valuable time and resources.
Launchable *AI-based test automation platform
* SaaS based Test Intelligence Platform
Test Automation with dedicated solutions for Selenium and Cypress Ship and Launch Faster: Optimize testing processes with Predictive Test Selection, increase release confidence by running fewer unnecessary tests
We use your git commit metadata to analyze your test suites through the Launchable CLI - We train your model- Subset your tests and - Ship faster
*Each model is trained for a development pipeline using ML
*Optimize their testing processes with Predictive Test Selection
*Increase release confidence by running fewer unnecessary tests
Shorten your test cycles, detect flaky tests fast :
* Interact with graphs that simulate how your test sessions will appear in your dashboard
* Easily review the test sessions submitted
* Find failed cases fast
* Analyze flaky test trends
* For Cypress and Selenium SDKs: Launchable intelligently selects the most important Selenium tests to run for every code change, reducing wait times and letting you ship faster
*identifies high-value tests to run first
Sealights Test Automation Platform (The Software Quality Intelligence Platform) Automated testing, Regression Testing, End-to-End testing * Cut Tests Cycle Time: Execute only code-changes related tests
* Cut Testing Costs
* End-to-End Tests Coverage Visibility
* Cut Failed Tests
* Test Gap Analytics and Quality Analytics
* Innovative solution for automated testing with its Test Impact Analysis feature
* Automatically eliminates redundant tests and reduces overall testing time
* Auto-prioritizes tests based on criticality
* Analyzing each individual test and assessing how it affects system performance
* Test Impact Analysis feature: Eliminates redundant tests and reduces overall testing time
* Continuously correlates code changes to the tests associated with them, to skip irrelevant tests with confidence
Applitools Test automation platform Multiple types of testing (web, API, mobile, localization, compliance, etc) * Visual AI based testing supported for multiple testing types and SDKs
* AI-powered computer vision algorithms that emulate the human eye and brain
* Dozens of SDKs that allow developers and testers to easily add visual checkpoints to their existing tests web app that allows you to easily inspect test results, zoom-in on visual changes and automatically group similar differences to only see unique ones.
* The Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud uses Visual AI to increase test coverage across web, mobile, and desktop apps without increasing test creation time or maintenance
* Applitools Eyes uses artificial intelligence to help teams ship visually perfect applications on any browser or device by replicating the ‘human eye’ and automatically spotting bugs and defects with every release.
* The next generation of cross browser testing gives you parallel test automation at a scale never seen before – across all browsers, devices, and viewports
*Applitools Native Mobile Grid is the next generation mobile-device cloud that expands your cross-device testing strategy in no time at all. Get the confidence you need to ship continuously
*Applitools works with 50+ major testing frameworks and languages, source code tools, CI/CD tools, and collaboration tools
DiffBlue (AI for Code) Java unit test writing Autonomous, AI-powered Java unit test writing Autonomous, AI-powered Java unit test writing
-offers Automated Unit Test Generation
- human readable tests, easy to understand
- provides rich analytics and reporting capabilities so developers can get an understanding of their codebase
*ML reinforcement learning technique used
* Easy to understand langg
* Uses reinforcement reward\coverage philisophy
* Cover Reports delivers valuable insights about your Java codebase
*ML reinforcement learning technique used : builds a map of classes and methods of your code and builds ML model based on it
* A test candidate is created for each unit-testable method
* Tries to cover generally untestable code also
* Risk\Behavior testing covered: you can tell it critical areas for testing
Sofy.AI AI-powered solution that is meant for testing mobile apps Testing mobile apps on various Android and iOS devices, also can be used for manual, automated, and RPA app testing, Performance Testing, Manual Testing, UX Testing, Automated Testing, Device Testing * Device Lab
* Manual Ad-hoc Testing
* No-code automation
* Mobile Browser Testing
* Bring your own device
* Test on real devices
* Code-free\ No code AI-powered solution
* Intelligent insights that pinpoint exact issues
* Choose a real device from the Sofy Device Lab and run your first manual test
* Convert your test into a no-code automated test with the press of a button
* Run it on hundreds of other real devices
* Selenium Alternatives: Six Popular Options available
Parasoft Testing tool for automation testing at each stage of the software development API Security Testing
Reporting & Analytics
API Testing
Requirements Traceability
Application Security Testing
Service Virtualization
Automated Testing
Smart Test Execution
Code Coverage
Static Analysis
Code Quality
Test Data Management
Continuous Testing
Test Environment Provisioning, many more
Functional Safety Compliance
Unit Testing
Low-Code Application Testing
Web UI Testing
Performance Testing
Find its usage for automation testing at each stage of the software development cycle, starting from the code analysis all through the user interface testing
* named a leader in the NEW Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation Testing Platforms, Q4 2022
* multi-component test suite with a recent combination of AI and ML into software test automation to assist organizations in executing static analysis
* Multiple Industries supported
* Multtple Compliances
* Claims to cover all phases, the code to the UI with automated testing solutions that span every stage of the development cycle
* Shift application security testing left
* AI-powered tools to automate compliance and security in your CI/CD pipeline
* Parasoft C/C++test, Parasoft Jtest, Parasoft dotTEST, Parasoft Insure++, Parasoft DTP, Parasoft CTP, Parasoft Selenic, Parasoft SOAtest, Parasoft Virtualize
* Integrate AI-powered API testing and Selenium-based web UI testing into your CI/CD workflow
* Apply load and performance testing to validate application usage, and identify any testing gaps and risks using the reporting and analytics dashboard
* Perform testing on target hardware, host, or virtual environments, and determine test case coverage against code by applying structural code coverage. Parasoft solutions have been TÜV certified for use on safety-critical systems in software development
UIPath Test Automation and RPA framwork * Mobile Test Automation, API Test Automation, SAP Test Automation, Data Driven Testing * Useful in automated testing when it comes to multiple levels of the software development cycle
* Supports multiple industries and technologies
* Manage, automate, distribute, and execute their work: Test Manager, Studio, Orchestrator, and Test Robots * Continuously test to uncover and fix underlying issues with UiPath Orchestrator
* Deploy test robots to execute tests on-demand, continuously, and at scale
* Test Manager (manage tests), UiPath Studio (automate tests and generate test data), Orchestrator (schedule, execute and monitor tests), UiPath Robots (use them to execute tests on multiple machines in parallel)
Mabl * Intelligent Test Automation for Agile Teams Web Based Test Automation
API Testing
PDF Testing
Selenium Alternative
Automated Regression Testing
Test Automation for Salesforce
Reduce Manual Testing
End-to-end User Journeys
* Low Code
* In-depth Results
* Auto-healing tests
* Data driven test to cover real world scenarios
* Accessibility (a11y) Testing, Cross Browser Testing, Mobile Testing, API Testing, Manual Testing, Test Automation (Regression, Selenium), Salesforce
Mobot * Robot-Powered Mobile Experience Testing - Real robots touching, tapping, swiping real screens Mobile Testing * Mobot’s mechanical robots automate mobile app tests
* Claims to cover those that are impossible for emulators, virtual devices, and existing frameworks
* Unlike traditional mobile tests, perform mobile tests like real humans on real devices
* Efficiency and speed of automation
* Mobot uses robots to automate physical testing, a proprietary 4th test driver technology, on over 200 mobile devices
* Robots test like a human. They tap. They swipe. They toggle between two phones, between apps, and third party devices
* Mobot uses over 200 physical Android and iOS phones to execute test
* How does it work? - Using Mobot's self-serve test plan tool, you can upload your test video and tell exactly how you want the test to be run: iOS vs. Android, specific devices, specific OS, etc. -- The Mobot team will take your test plan and convert it into an automated test ---Mabl will unleash the robots to test your mobile app according to the test plan, and record all results, data, and reports within the Mobot platform
* Bluetooth Device Testing, Computer Vision + AI
Testim * By Tricentis
- full automation testing employing utilizing AI and ML algorithms.
* Products available for AI Based UI Testing, Salesforce Testing, also supporting UI Testing, Mobile Testing, API Testing, etc * Testim consists of self-maintenance for running ML-based automated tests. * AI learning- Smart Locators compare confidence scores from current to prior runs. When elements change, the locators improve and match your app. * Control locators - Smart Locator properties are visible and adjustable. Increase the confidence requirement or alter the weighting of a specific attribute. * Each recorded UI action generates a unique test step containing detailed information about the element and its parameters. * Customize in the Visual Editor: Configure web or mobile tests in the editor without code
* Add validations, loops, and conditions, parameterize your data, and optimize reuse
* Insert custom code- Testim gives you the flexibility to run custom code inside or outside the browser to adapt your test to suit nearly any situation
* Reuse code across tests- Like a coding method, you can save any custom code step or group and reuse them in other tests. It makes code accessible and lowers maintenance
* Real JS editor- Use Testim's built-in JavaScript editor that uses Monaco open-source, the same editor used in VSCode, so you get fast, robust syntax checking and code completion

Summing Up

In conclusion, AI-based testing tools offer a wide range of benefits, including increased accuracy, faster testing cycles, cost-effectiveness, increased test coverage, enhanced scalability, and continuous testing. With the rapidly evolving technology landscape, it is essential for organizations to adopt AI-based testing methodologies to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the market.

The detailed comparison of 11 AI-assisted testing tools provided in this article can help organizations choose the right tool that aligns with their project requirements and organizational goals. As AI continues to advance, it is expected that AI-based testing will become even more prevalent and transformative in the years to come, enabling organizations to develop high-quality software at faster speeds and lower costs.

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