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    Uplift Customer Engagement with Top Personalized Retention Strategies from Pitney Bowes

    Rethink & re-engineer how you do business - from a customer perspective and meet them at their moments of need!

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

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    Broadcast Date : September 26, 2019 | Thursday | 2 PM ET

    A Deloitte study states that 36% of customers are interested in buying personalized offerings, and another 48% are willing to wait longer to receive it. With customer retention emerging as a key challenge for insurers today, the need for personalized retention strategies is on an ever-increasing spree.

    In this webinar with Pitney Bowes, we will learn:

    • Why Personalization is the key driver for increased customer retention
    • How to add Interactive Personalized videos for greater customer engagement
    • To Enliven Email Communications and breathe life into your marketing campaigns
    • Utilize chatbots as an integrated part of your communication strategy to maximize retention

    Key Takeaways:

    • Maximize ROI with effective onboarding strategies for customers
    • Reduce Early Policy Cancellation & Achieve Higher Customer Retention with interactive personalized videos as an integrated part of your onboarding journey
    • Amplify Customer Satisfaction by simplifying onboarding, renewal & claims processing
    • Create Positive CX at every stage of the customer journey by exceeding expectations
    • Boost Business Efficiency and Save Cost with frictionless self-service features

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    Lisa Sutrick

    Lisa Sutrick

    Global Managing Director,
    Customer Engagement Solutions,
    Pitney Bowes
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    Nagesh Goyal

    Nagesh Goyal

    Global Delivery Head,
    Customer Communications Management
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