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    Inherently Composable with DevOps and Automation

    Broadcast Date : 16 June 2021 | Thursday | 2 PM AEST

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

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    According to Bain & Company, more than 90% of companies say they've adopted DevOps for at least some cases, only about half have rolled it out broadly, and only 12% describe their DevOps capabilities as mature, with a centrally governed toolchain, full integration, and a high degree of automation.

    With DevOps and automation, businesses can drastically improve their deployment frequency with a quick feedback cycle to drive greater customer engagement and digital experiences. DevOps not only enhances customer service, but it also streamlines processes and helps businesses achieve Total Experience and growth.

    In this webinar, we will share the key challenges and benefits of leveraging fully automated deployments and testing for businesses in 2022 and beyond!

    Key Takeaways:

    • A scalable strategy for DevOps and automation deployments in maturity stages
    • Best practices to ensure organization standards and compliance requirements are met
    • Key challenges while choosing automation tools
    • Top examples of how Espire has helped customers with end-to-end automation using JIRA, ServiceNow, UiPath and Azure DevOps
    • DevOps demo to explain the top use cases and benefits of leveraging DevOps and automation deployments for businesses
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    Bharat Sethi, Espire Infolabs

    Bharat Sethi

    Automation Practice Lead, Espire Infolabs
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    David Keith Roberts, Espire Infolabs

    David Keith Roberts

    Delivery Director, Espire Infolabs
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