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    Crafting Personalised Customer Journeys with Sitecore to Drive Powerful 1:1 Targeted Campaigns

    Win More Conversions with a sure-fire Personalisation Roadmap!

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

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    Broadcast Date : November 21, 2019 | Thursday | 11 AM GMT

    In 2018, a whopping 93% of businesses that invested in advanced personalisation strategies witnessed phenomenal revenue growth, states a recent study. It’s crystal clear that brands across geographies & industries should make personalisation the top business priority to Drive Awe-Inspiring CX!

    In this webinar, we will help brands up their personalisation game significantly and help achieve the goal of providing experiences that reflect where a customer is in the buying journey.

    • Empowering users (including marketing teams) with a robust CMS platform for high-value content management - anywhere, anytime, on any channel.
    • Building sustainable data architecture to deliver 1:1 personalisation
    • Enabling a 360-degree view of the customer, including their preferences and expectations, and creating personas for driving targeted campaigns
    • Realising the potential of intelligent marketing with AI and machine learning for running personalised campaigns


    Considering the following trends :

    Industrial manufacturing is set to transform from mass production to increased personalisation and customisation of products – Deloitte.

    63% of manufacturers believe applying IoT to products will increase profitability over the next 5 years, and are set to invest $267 billion in IoT by 2020 - Hitachi Solutions.

    With customers expecting highly personalised and contextual experiences, the need for brands to craft personalised customer journeys is on an increasing spree – to drive powerful 1:1 targeted campaigns!

    Key Takeaways:

  • Drive Contextual CX with Personalised Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)
  • Identify high-ranking customer groups to target personalised content
  • Power relevant & contextual content on websites and all touchpoints
  • How Sitecore & Espire can power 1:1 Targeted Campaigns with CJM
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