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    Building Tomorrow’s Brands with Enhanced Digital Search Transformation & Personalisation

    Broadcast Date : 18 November, 2021 | Thursday | 2 PM AEDT

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Why Watch?

    Digital search clubbed with personalisation is the winning formula to position your brand and business for greater growth.

    Study states that 93% of online interactions start with search engines. At the same time 63% of people expect brands to use their purchase history to provide them with personalized experiences, reports Google.

    At this point, there are almost 90% of internet users as a percentage of total population in Australia. Therefore, businesses of today need to resolve digital search and personalisation bottlenecks, to build established brands for tomorrow!

    Watch this webinar with SearchStax to learn how to bolster powerful search + personalisation & help deliver relevant digital experiences

    Key Takeaways:

  • Indispensable need for Digital Search - Top examples of successful businesses
  • Challenges to optimise/manage search results - IT, Time to Market, TCO, Customer behaviour, Dynamic Content
  • Why SearchStax + Sitecore gives the best results? - Quick integration, features, All Sitecore version support, Accelerators etc
  • How Sitecore & SearchStax Studio integration works to address challenges - Tips from Espire Framework
  • Create a Unique Search Optimisation/Personalisation Strategy - Step-by-step approach

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    Kelli Clark

    Kelli Clark

    VP - Customer Success,
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    Vikas Kumar, Espire Infolabs

    Vikas Kumar

    Director - Customer Experience,
    Espire | Sitecore MVP 2023
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