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    Acing Customer Retention and CX in Insurance, powered by Quadient

    Transform insurers from faceless entities to brands capable of diving into customer preferences with personalization and journey mapping

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Watch the Recorded Webinar

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    Broadcast Date : October 10, 2019 | Thursday | 2 PM ET

    A staggering 88% of customers demand personalization from insurance providers - states a recent study. This webinar will help you understand how insurers can boost their strategies, to meet ever-increasing customer demands by:

    Key Takeaways:

    • Delighting the customer - an important prerequisite for customer engagement, possible only with 1:1 Personalization
    • Empowering all customer-facing agents - with right resources on customer interaction, preferences, and expectations to ensure superior CX
    • Transforming insurers / providers from a faceless entity to a brand capable of diving into the customer sentiments and preferences
    • Ensuring a comprehensive communication strategy is in place, to enable better cross-sell and up-sell strategies
    • Personalizing and customizing offerings to increase customer retention rates

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    Scott Draeger

    Scott Draeger

    VP, Customer Transformation,
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    Pravin Patel

    Pravin Patel

    Managing Director
    EMEA & North America, Espire Infolabs
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