Espire Infolabs partners with Conversational AI leader Pattr (formerly Proxima) in ANZ

Sydney, Australia, 23 November 2021 - Espire Infolabs, a global Digital Transformation & Total Experience Solutions Provider today announced its partnership with a leading Conversational AI provider Pattr (formerly known as Proxima with a product called Iris) for ANZ region.

Pattr is a Conversational AI platform to power, enable, enrich, and understand customer conversations in real-time and at scale.

"At Espire, we believe that Total Experience (TX) solutions are a must for any enterprise focused on delivering awe-inspiring Multi-experience (MX) across all touchpoints for its customers. In today’s time, creating contextual & consistent conversations are pivotal for memorable & personalised CX more than ever before. And Pattr is just the perfect choice to add to our secret sauce for delivering impeccable CX every time. We are very excited and looking forward to achieving milestones with this new addition in our array of CX services & capabilities" - said Ram Bali, RH - ANZ, Espire Infolabs

"Espire has a very long & proven track record in the CX industry, and we believe that our Conversational AI platform will blend perfectly with their Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) framework. Its TX approach is very much in line with our objectives of elevating customer experience at every stage of the journey with smart communications across all channels. We are sure that together with Espire’s expertise, Pattr will find its way to the right audience at the right time" - said Sebastian Pedavoli, Co-Founder & CEO, Pattr.

About Espire

With over 2 decades of experience behind us, and global operations spread across 11 locations worldwide - our Agile Digital Transformation Services help brands to be resilient to market disruptions and focus on business outcomes and returns.

We believe that true Digital Transformation can only be achieved with Total Experience (TX), and it is the sum of Multi-Experience (MX), User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), and Employee Experience (EX).

To make this possible, we adopt a cross-enterprise approach, backed by robust operations systems - leading to meaningful customer engagements, retention and increase in new customer acquisitions for businesses. Thereby, we are the preferred partner for our customers, and we aim to become a TX leader with end-to-end services of MX, UX, CX and EX.

Our focus is to bring a positive impact to brand’s profitability and revenue streams, with emphasis on delivering engaging digital experiences, especially when the world traverses through a new normal.

About Pattr

Pattr is a Conversational AI SaaS platform to power, enable, enrich and understand your customer conversations in real-time and at scale. We are streamlining how you communicate, reducing friction across your channels and bringing you closer to your customers.

Pattr powers millions of conversations around the world from our headquarters in Sydney, Australia and is supported by a global team based in Melbourne, Brisbane, London and Los Angeles.

Drive customer acquisition, loyalty and advocacy with interactive conversational marketing on social media, omni-channel 24/7 smart assistants, personalized real-time alerts, conversation health and brand champion discoverability solutions, all while empowering your team with a hybrid human-AI experience

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