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Espire Panel Discussion Series: How to Unlock potential of Data + Digital Workplace

Broadcast Date : 15 June & 29 June, 2021 | 1 PM ET

Watch the Recorded DISCUSSION

Watch the Recorded DISCUSSION

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Data collection and sharing are growing exponentially, and so are the tools and platforms of working in the digital world. More frequently customers choose to interact with organisations using digital channels. At the same time, the right digital solutions can help your employees boost productivity & collaboration.

Trends suggest that data play an increasingly crucial role in our workplace and organisations should tap into the value of data to achieve not only higher efficiency & effectiveness but also, discover newer opportunities of business growth.

A recent Gartner report states that remote-work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Energy & Utilities to evaluate remote workforce management systems & manage data & asset-related activities.

Energy & Utilities organisations also have significant opportunities to maximise the value from the data they hold across the multitude of customer, asset management and operational systems, states KPMG industry insights.

We aim to guide you on quick wins for your digital investment, identify areas for improvement and opportunities to optimize your workplace in 2021 & beyond - in the panel discussion series.

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Anand Singh Bhandari

Anand Singh Bhandari

Director, Data & Business Analytics Services, Espire Infolabs
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Kaustubh Anil Varde

Kaustubh Varde

VP, Sales, Espire Infolabs
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