Espire is attending Rendez-vous de Septembre

10-14th September 2022 | Monte Carlo

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Schedule a Meeting !

Why Attend?

According to McKinsey - "25% of the (re)insurance industry will be automated by 2025 with help of AI and machine learning. AI can assist this industry in automation of claims processing, claim fraud detection, risk predictions along with providing smart contracts and providing predictive data that can improve underwriting and reduce overall cost to companies"

Digital (Re)Insurance will need CIOs to leverage advanced technologies for both Inwards and Outwards Reinsurance to achieve business process efficiencies such as building new user experiences and improving claims processing, claim fraud detection, risk predictions, underwriting profitability and much more!

Meet our Director Insurance, Keshav P Viswanath, from the London team, at the long-awaited prestigious reinsurance event Rendez-vous de Septembre, Monte Carlo to discover how we are transforming re(insurance) enterprises with leading digital technologies to adopt a total experience approach and fast-track business outcomes.

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Rendezvous de Septembre 2022 Monaco Collage