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Why Watch?

1/3rd organisations in the UK and Germany have RPA projects in production or have automation projects already deployed (32% and 34% respectively) - states a recent Forbes survey on State of Process Mining and RPA.

Hyperautomation has emerged as an invaluable asset for organizations to tackle operational overload, changing customer needs in this new world.

However, the truth is - brands are still struggling to achieve scalability with RPA programs!

Join our webinar with Gartner Magic Quadrant RPA leader 2020 - UiPath & learn from experts- how to unravel the power of Hyperautomation & transform your RPA vision into reality for better returns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to make your automation journey scalable and successful
  • Get insights into democratising the automation ideation process
  • Explore the 'Art of Possible'usingUiPath Hyperautomation - AI/ML, Process Mining, Task Mining
  • How Espire + UiPath can help organisations rapidly identify & automate processes for business optimisation