Technical Risk Assessment for Improving Data Protection

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Business Challenges

  • Security weaknesses leading to unauthorized access and cyber attacks
  • Protecting user data and confidential information

Business Needs

  • Required a systematic review of security weaknesses to avert any potential threats
  • Penetration testing was required to check the vulnerability towards data breach
  • Needed detailed recommendations on data configuration and firewall testing
  • Required support with Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Successfully implemented Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessments, Malware Scan and Malware Removal carried out for the Servers
  • Penetration Testing, ACL Audit and Risk Assessment conducted for Firewalls
  • Vulnerability Assessments, Malware Scan and Malware Removal completed for Desktops
  • Servers rescanned in the second phase with information analysis & planning
  • VA Tracker was created where detailed reports on observations, risk rating, impact impact and recommendations were shared

Business Benefits

  • Protected business assets & user data from unauthorized access
  • Data threats identified, analyzed & averted
  • Improved data protection & compliance standards
  • Increased ROI on IT Security
  • Comprehensive evaluation of servers, firewalls and desktops to identify security vulnerabilities

Tools & Technologies

  • VMWare
  • AWS
  • Kali Linux

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