Optimising Business Operations & Scalability for a leading European Insurance Holding Company

About the Brand

A leading insurance company in Europe with a strong presence in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. The company focuses on Customer experience & driving personalized communication to optimize internal processes and stay ahead of the market challenges.

Business Challenges

Improving customer experience for meeting key market challenges

  • Revamp existing legacy communication 1 system - Papyrus
  • Improve the quality of their templates/letters by migrating to the leadingCCM platform, Quadient
  • Papyrus was not cost effective and required regular maintenance.

Business Solution

Deploying a solution architecture for driving the customer experience and engagement journey

Quadient-Based Solutions

  • Espire installed and configured re-implement new improved CCM templates using Inspire solution
  • All the documents were migrated to consolidated templates for providing a configurable and cost-effective solution
  • The costly and unwieldy legacy architecture, Papyrus was phased out and the Quadient solution was deployed with multiple environment for DEV and QA

Business Benefits

  • Quadient solutions have multiple DEV & QA environments, which allow rectifications / verifications of documents
  • CX was improved by implementing Quadient
  • Seamless transition was carried out without hampering business operations
  • Maintenance cost was reduced

Tools & Technologies

  • Quadient Inspire
  • Quadient Automation
  • Quadient Interactive

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