Leading Global Financial Services Company Utilizes Espires Testing Services for Security Testing

Business Requirement

The client was using a Java-based enterprise-wide banking application, developed by a third party vendor. Since security is critical to every bank, the client wanted to ensure the security of the banking application before implementing it in the several branches of the bank. Therefore, the client sought the services of an expert to carry out comprehensive security testing on the application.

Business Solution

T'Espire's range of security checks and tests determined the security of the system, which consisted of ColdFusion pages on the ColdFusion Application Server, Java code on the Tomcat Application Server, and stored procedures on the Sybase Database Server.

Business Benefits

  • High quality of service as Espire's test managers are highly qualified and experienced in performing testing
  • Superior script maintenance as per the client's requirement
  • Enhanced application performance due to removal of all shortcomings
  • Superior script maintenance as per the client’s requirement

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