Streamlined Workflows with automation & Low-code Application Platform for a UK-based leading drilling solutions provider

The customer is a leading provider of comprehensive drilling solutions for prominent global oil & gas corporations, and is the world's first API Q2 certified drilling equipment service organization.

When its existing solution was hindering their ability to provide the optimal level of service to their clients. Specifically, users were facing significant limitations in terms of real-time visibility, flexibility, and automation;  we implemented a simplified user interface and workflow, utilizing standard components of SharePoint to promote standardization, dashboards, and reporting.

The impact was immediate with the customer experiencing significant cost savings, fewer manual hours, and a significant decrease in errors compared to their previous manual process. Our automation solution resulted in enhanced performance and productivity for the customer's team, allowing them to allocate time and resources to other crucial tasks.

Tools & Technologies

  • UX Design
  • Front end Technologies (Angular, JS)
  • MS SharePoint
  • API / Integration

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