HP Exstream 8.0 Upgrade Assistance for a Global Corporate Information Solutions Provider

Business Requirement

The client was using the HP Exstream software version 6 for managing document design and workflow activities. It was announced last year that the ongoing support and maintenance of HP Exstream Software Version 6.0/6.1 by HP was no longer available through current support and maintenance Fees. Also, there were no plans to extend any level of support from January 2013.

Business Solution

Considering the client’s needs and challenges, Espire recognized the need for a comprehensive software solution to manage and deliver the document applications.

To accomplish this, Espire developed the plan to migrate HP Exstream V6.1.021 to HP Exstream V8.0.312, enabling the client to deliver a better overall customer experience and drive top line revenue growth.

Business Benefits

  • Helped in reducing the document production lead times
  • Multi language delivery requirements were simplified
  • Assured delivery to customer via any customer preferred channel, Email, SMS, Social Media HTML, VoiceXML etc.
  • Simplified integration and rapid deployments by fitting into enterprise IT environments, including service oriented architectures (SOA).

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