Extended Managed Support on Salesforce & Service Cloud for Efficient Incident Resolution

About the Brand

A global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging and labels, sign and display, commercial printing and publishing industries.

Business Challenges

  • Unsatisfactory support services
  • Inefficient ticket handling in Salesforce

Business Needs

  • Required efficient support with Salesforce for optimising processes
  • Needed to automate case management, service desk management etc
  • Assistance needed to implement Entitlement process in Salesforce

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Enhanced Managed Support on Salesforce & Service Cloud for incident management

  • Espire automated the CDTR values at the case level for effective management and minimizing business efforts
  • Designed a configurable code for enhancing functionalities in the future
  • Seamless integration for all new developments / product backlogs / planned maintenance and urgent incidents
  • Successfully implemented automation for case management, service desk management etc with strong governance and reporting
  • Ensured efficient handling of incidents with reported and extended support for live issues in Salesforce and in Service max

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Minimized business efforts
  • Efficient incident resolution
  • Configurable code for future functionality enhancements
  • Minimized business efforts in logging and storing business data
  • Replaced manual work with automation, saving time, money and resources

Tools & Technologies

  • Salesforce
  • Service Max

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