Establishing Accuracy and Transparency in the BI Reporting System

Business Requirement

The client wasn't satisfied with its existing BI reporting system. There was a strong business need for better transparency and precision in the methods used to generate reports.

Business Solution

Espire set up a dedicated, fully secured offshore development center for the client to create SSIS packages and for performing ETL (extract, transform, and load) programming and modified existing OLAP database (Cube).

Data warehouse supports Business Objects (Universe) by providing two different types of data source which are data cube via SSAS and the relational database of OPM Data Mart.

Business Benefits

By moving calculations from CUBE to ETL level and delivering a robust and reliable BI system with the use of Microsoft BI technologies, the client gained accurate profitability figures, improved reporting and increased efficiency in business operations.

  • More transparent and accurate client profitability reports
  • End users have better clarity and understanding about the results depicted in the report
  • The credibility of the figures on papers has improved, leading to improved trust amongst the end users

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