Designed a scalable Analytics and BI Platform for a leading UK-based Mutual Insurance Company

About the Brand

The customer is a leading UK-based mutual insurance company, which provides general insurance products to the members of the trade union and other not-for-profit organizations.

Business Challenges

  • The customer was leveraging a form-based D2K product as their primary transactional system called TIA
  • Due to the constraints of the legacy architecture of the TIA system, it could not be integrated with the other in-house applications 

Business Needs

  • Required a modern web-based architecture for seamless integration with multiple in-house applications being used by the different departments

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Espire assessed the business bottlenecks and deployed a robust reporting and analytics system based on PowerBI 

  • Successfully implemented a cloud-based ICE Policy Administration System for seamless integration with multiple in-house applications.
  • Developed a data warehouse for the respective business processes defined by the customer. 
  • Implemented SSAS Multidimension Cubes for streamlining analysis and reporting needs of the different departments.
  • Provided the capability to develop multiple dashboards and reports.
  • Deployed enhancements for interactive data visualizations and seamless analysis of customer data with detailed reports.

Business Benefits

  • Improved collaboration between departments and enhanced staff experience
  • Provided easy access to data, analytics and reports across multiple devices 
  • Reduced the dependence on manual efforts 
  • Lowered the cost of operations 
  • The scalable solution provided transparency and improved governance
  • Improved Time to Market
  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction

Tools & Technologies

  • MSBI Stack - SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS
  • PowerBI

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