Designed a Data Orchestration Ecosystem for one of the visionary UK based Integrated Care Systems (ICS) of a Healthcare Service Provider

About the Brand

The customer is a leading healthcare service provider in UK, which aims to cater to the health and care needs of the people and deliver unmatched experiences. They provide guidance on self-care, major health events and promote community health and wellbeing.

Business Challenges

Presenting the right clinical data, complaint with information governance at the right time/place was the primary challenge

Business Needs

  • Required an experienced team of professionals to build a Data Orchestration Ecosystem (DOE) capable of inclusion of many data formats, ingesting data from live feeds and ingesting traditional static data extracts
  • Needed an interoperable architecture connected to, and capable of enriching, local integrated care records

Solutioning proposed by Espire

The goals of the DOE are to ensure a mechanism based on interoperability model and IG compliant (not bounded by any source/ target systems)

  • Espire designed and is developing the DOE to facilitate an interoperable platform pertaining to patient data

    Designed an Integrated system capable of -

    • Flexible Data Ingress
    • Normalization and Enrichment
    • Flexible Data Egress

  • The DOE would enable personalisation of health services
  • Data governance and interoperability group to ensure alignment to the clinical systems roadmap
  • Allow patients to access their personal health records for self-care
  • The DOE enable healthcare professionals to access patient records real-time, as and when required

Business Benefits

  • Reduce the time & cost to access patient healthcare records
  • Improve patient's engagement towards their self-care and wellbeing
  • Real-time access to data
  • Provide localized & personalized healthcare support
  • Promote connected healthcare ecosystem by reducing waste and unwarranted variation in care
  • Sophisticated population health analytics/reporting to determine the healthcare requirements of particular region

Tools & Technologies

  • Kafka
  • Park
  • Kubernetes
  • Lambada
  • PostgreSQL
  • API Gateway
  • Docker Containers
  • React (UI)
  • Hive
  • Container Registry
  • AWS

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