Creating an automated online voting platform for seamless onboarding and improved Voter Experience

for more than 800 independent telephone companies, electric cooperatives and other public power entities in all 50 states, American Samoa, Palau & Canada regions.

Business Context & Challenges

One of the major challenges faced by the customer was - conducting the cooperative elections amidst the nationwide lockdowns in the US as casting votes on a piece of paper was neither safe nor feasible.

To overcome the challenges of traditional voting systems, the client was looking for a digital transformation to facilitate a seamless voting experience while prioritizing voter’s safety.

During project discovery and analysis stage, Espire aimed to create an engaging platform with omnichannel and highly personalized content with interesting, agile, and scalable interface.

How Did Espire Help

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the client wanted a responsive platform to onboard 800+ cooperatives and completely automate the online and offline voting mechanisms. Espire’s team worked through the entire project lifecycle to create a unique value proposition that helped the client switch to an electronic voting mechanism instead of casting votes through the paper ballot.

Espire built an online voting application to integrate the two existing ways of voting in one place including:

  • Online voting (through a website or single sign-on)
  • Paper ballot voting (which includes data entry and verification)

The online voting application has a contemporary, responsive design with 99.9% uptime. The application is cloud deployable and has the following unique value propositions:

Top Business Outcomes

  • Automated voting process to improve the voting experience on digital channels
  • Simplified candidate nomination process
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Easy accessibility on any device - anytime, anywhere
  • Efficient and secure management of confidential data
  • Flexibility and transparency while choosing a candidate
  • Responsive customizable micro-site for effective election campaign management

Technology Approach

The client needed a single platform which supported their branding, autoloaded CSV file with member and nominee information and provided an excellent voter/member experience.

Espire leveraged the dot net technology framework to build the custom voting application which can be easily accessed on any device, anywhere - be it the web, mobile, desktop or IoT.

SQL Server was utilized for efficient and secure data processing, management and integration of member’s data on the voting platform.

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