Automated data extraction and digitized key business processes for a leading UK-based Housing Association

About the Brand

The customer is a UK-based leading housing association, which specializes in buying, selling and renting of properties at affordable costs.

Business Challenges

  • The dependence on tedious regular manual tasks, increased the cost of operations
  • Needed to develop an agile tech solution which automatically carries out document field extraction from multi-page non-invoice documents
  • Required a technology partner for designing a scalable solution which can seamlessly automate and extract multiple line items from documents to calculate the line total while safely storing the data for future needs

Solutioning proposed by Espire

Espire analysed the customer's business bottlenecks and designed an agile tech solution for automatic extraction of data

  • Our Kofax-based solution helped digitize and automate the overall process for rent document sand receipts, reducing the dependence on manual intervention
  • Deployed a cognitive solution which automatically captures the entire needed information from the page and exports it to the database, which can be accessed at any point of time
  • Our cognitive solution leveraged AI, ML-based algorithms which easily extracted all the necessary information such as reference no., address, date, line total, claim total etc and seamlessly calculated the rent amount from a multi-page document
  • The agile solution easily imported and stored key business data for future use
  • Automated the data integration process, facilitated seamless data input from Excel to SQL by deploying a schedule bot

Business Benefits

  • Digitized physical paperwork and carried out digital transformation of data
  • Reduced dependence on manual efforts
  • Saved operational costs by approximately 30%
  • Automated repetitive tasks like cost calculation, invoicing etc
  • All the extracted information was stored to database as historical data for future reference
  • Ensured better management and access to business data

Tools & Technologies

  • Kofax KTA Cognitive Capture
  • Kofax RPA
  • SQL Server
  • Transformation Server
  • Visual Studio

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