Importance of UX Research to solve UX Problems - Part 1

In a race for providing delightful customer experience, brands are forging through exceptional hyper personalization strategies. But, communicating with your customers and delighting them requires a well-researched experience design. User experience design has thus become a buzzword right now!

But what does that really mean?

And how can your brand, services or product benefit to give you a boosted business return?

In a series of two articles- we shall delve into user experience designing and what is the importance of UX Research to solve UX and largely your CX Problems.

What is the user experience design?

The user experience is basically the experience a user faces while interacting with your communiques. A well chart out CCM solutions and highly crafted customer experience strategies tend to fail if your customer does not experience ease of access while interacting with the system. A multi-channel solution which millennials today interact with may include a mobile device, a website, a mobile application, desktop software or any form of human / device interaction. UX design is all about ensuring seamless customer journey for your clients.

Why UX design is important?

User experience design is important because it tries to meet the exact needs of your user- an exceptional personalized customer experience. It aims at providing positive experiences for your customers to maintain brand loyalty and user engagement. In addition, a targeted user experience design lets you identify customer trips (CJM- Customer Journey Map) across your product that is most relevant to business success.

What makes a great user experience?

Every user has a unique experience in their journey with you. User experience is conspicuously different for every user. The most important thing, hence, to consider while designing a product is that: although you have designed the product, you may not be a potential user who may be using the product. So, you cannot afford to assume what the user wants or how they need it.

So how do you define a great experience?

It’s all about knowing the ins and outs of your customers. Hence, the first step to measure user experience is to have an in-depth understanding of your customers. Companies need to conduct customer research in order to get detailed information about their target audience. Such information can help companies to offer personalized and relevant offerings through targeted promotions. Companies with such insights can get to know what customers think about them and can subsequently make changes to their product or service offering for better customer engagement and superior customer experience. Knowing your customer is all about identifying the most important needs and expectation of your customer in order to give them smooth experience and retain them. You can thus create a timeline of your customer’s journey and identify key factors associated with customer experience at all touch points during the journey which shall help you in assessing and measuring your CX strategy.

Hence, get closer to users, talk to them, watch them use your product, enter their heads and enquire about the decisions they make. You learn a lot from users and customers, so pay attention! Listen, observe and question.

In the next post we shall discuss the importance of UX Research, why it is crucial and how can UX solve various problems associated with customer experience and user experience design.

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