How can UX Design be a Differentiator for your Brand

Customer interaction is witnessing a fundamental shift, seeking a flawless and a clutter-free experience across every digital touch point. Capturing these countless interactions effectively throughout the customer journey is a well-known battle ground for businesses across the world. In the age of digital transformation, you can’t miss the opportunity of delivering an exceptional user experience design.

Businesses that over emphasize on marketing, in the haste of getting higher ROI, seem to neglect the very product they are marketing. It is here user experience design attains importance. A good UX design not just supports marketing but the entire delivery and go to market strategy. Hence, design should form the core piece for businesses if they want to achieve a competitive edge by marketing a well finished and user enticing design.

Traditionally, design was about beauty and aesthetics, but over the past few decades, the design element has taken over a great twist. Today, it's not just about making products look beautiful, it's also about providing delightful customer experience when your customers interact with your brand across their complete journey with you. Companies are constantly struggling to find ways to stay competitive and outperform their competitors. Whether it's a website, an app, or any product, design creates a delightful and seamless user experience. This seamless and fulfilling user experience is important for businesses because it helps satisfy customers by providing improved usability and great product interaction. Improving customer satisfaction through design helps attract and retain customers and hence a boosted business return.

Design principles are so fascinating that they are used as guiding points for business transformation. As a result, the term "business design" has emerged, which is the application of design thinking to companies. Although the design approach is very important, not all companies adopt it. To determine exactly why design is a good business decision we hereby enlist 5 important reasons.

1. Delightful User Experience

In today's digitized world, the user experience is a distinct factor and design plays an important role in providing an engaging user experience. A good design attracts your users, and because they are happy with your experience, they are unlikely to transition to your competitors. According to the CEI survey, 86% of customers pay more for a better user experience. Therefore, the design of the user experience taking into account the end user can have a significant impact on the end results of the business.

2. Customer Trust- The True Gain

In general, digital products fail because modern day users are not willing to work through unpleasant user experiences. Users, with plethora of choices, know that there are many other competitors who want to entice them. A design that delivers an exhilarating experience creates a positive perception of your brand that leads to gaining strong customer trust. Companies that offer a high-level user experience are more likely to inspire customers to recommend their brands to others. Therefore, the design that creates a pleasant and smooth user experience gives you the ability to outperform your competitors.

3. Customer Pull - The Advantage

Good design means not only the appearance or appearance of the product, but also about solving problems and enhancing usability and accessibility. It provides users with a straightforward and easy way to find the product information they are looking for. Design helps you expand into new markets by tailoring the product to your target market preferences. Besides getting new customers, the new design keeps your existing customers interested and helps you ace your competitors.

4. Differentiator For Your Brand

Effective design gives users a reason to buy from you rather than your competitors. It is an important source of differentiation because a well-designed product stands out from the competition. Design adds value to products because users are willing to pay more for well-designed products that can provide higher usability, enhanced functionality and aesthetics.

5. Outperform Your Competitors

The design process generates new product ideas, which can then be transformed into innovative and competitive products- suitable for users. It also helps make business processes more effective and promotes an effective approach towards well designed marketing campaign. Design creates a strong identity for your business and improves your market position relative to your competitors. A well-placed brand stands a higher chance of a boosted business outcome.

When design finds a stronger say in your business, you can achieve the level of innovation needed to outperform your competition. The design creates a great user journey and leads them along the funnel. However, to take action you must have confidence in your brand. In the end, powerful visuals and videos that enhance your design can distinguish your product.

The Espire Way:

Therefore, if you are considering creating awe-inspiring designs for your business, be sure to choose a design agency that knows the value of the design and is aware of the return on investment for the design. Here, at Espire, we leverage customer moments to transform your digital touchpoints into powerful customer engagement platforms - empowering global businesses to build meaningful connections with the audience and a strong competitive edge.

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