Espire Infolabs enhances search experience for ACU, wins SearchStax Partner Excellence Award 2021

The global leader in search experience management, SearchStax has recognized Espire Infolabs in the Partner Excellence Award 2021 (APAC) for assisting Australian Catholic University (ACU), transform its site search with SearchStudio and driving greater engagement and conversions. Read the full feature on SearchStax’s website > here!

Over the last two decades, Espire Infolabs has been assisting leading brands fast-track their digital transformation journey with scalable Total Experience solutions to drive business innovation and growth.

When we began our engagement with ACU, they wanted to transform their search experience for staff, students and prospective students & drive improved digital conversions and better business outcomes.

Espire enabled ACU seamlessly integrate their Sitecore platform with SearchStax SearchStudio to achieve greater personalisation and substantially improve search experiences for the end users. Our agile solution reduced development time and the cost of site search, with a provision for marketers to review analytics for searches and create a search optimization strategy.

Driving Search Personalization to Achieve Greater Business Outcomes

Espire transformed the search experience for staff & students for ACU by implementing SearchStax's SearchStudio solution, to drive enhanced experiences across digital touchpoints.

By adopting a comprehensive search optimization and personalization approach, we delivered the following business results:

  • Besides data, rich search analytics provided very useful insights
  • Controlled & Improved search relevance enabled marketing team to tailor search & exceed user expectations
  • Configured search without coding proved very cost-effective for the business
  • Improved digital engagements led to improved brand recall
  • Implemented search in more areas with API calls
  • Some top weekly highlights of the positive business impact due to Optimized Search:
    • Total Searches increased to 10.6K
    • Click Through rate increased to 51.1%
    • Reduced 'No- results' to 3.2%
    • Search exits were reduced to only 25.4%

SearchStax + Sitecore + Espire = Exceptional Digital Experiences!

Improving digital search experiences across customer touchpoints is a sure shot way to enhance conversions and business growth. SearchStax can be seamlessly integrated with Sitecore using API’s, which empowers the marketing team to optimize search across all customer touchpoints without the dependence on extensive coding and IT professionals for carrying out deployments.

SearchStax’s power search models help marketers determine the top search terms, click through rates or search without results to design personalized search recommendations for driving greater customer experience. Our talented team of professionals help businesses seamlessly integrate SearchStax and Sitecore in just 2 business days, empowering them to increase their customer conversions significantly with intuitive search optimization and personalization.

In our latest on-demand webinar with SearchStax, we share Espire’s step-by-step approach for brands to create a unique search optimization and personalization strategy. Know more> https: //www.

Creating Super Engaging Digital Experiences in 2021 to Unlock Greater Growth

With over 2 decades of experience behind us, Espire has been helping leading brands exceptional scalable digital experience solutions to unlock greater growth.

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