Author : Suhail Ahmad
Global Delivery Head - Enterprise Solutions & IT Infra

Suhail heads Delivery of Projects for Enterprise Solutions and IT Infrastructure Management at Espire. He ensures implementation and delivery of all projects under this Business Unit conforms to Espire's quality benchmarks, customer goals and ROI. Suhail leads best practices in effective process excellence and project deliveries, project management and capacity building. He also provides valuable support to our Enterprise Solutions and Infrastructure practices.

Why enterprises need to consider Cloud

The burden to install, maintain and run heavy application and costly servers no more remain a concern for modern enterprises. This has been made possible with the advent of cloud services as business of all sizes and in all sectors are moving towards cloud computing. According to a study by the International Data Group, 69 percent of companies are using cloud technology in various capacity, whereas, 18 percent responded to implement cloud technology in near time. Similarly, Dell reports that companies register 53 percent faster revenue growth than their competitors by investing in cloud, big data and mobility.

This data reflects that a large number of technologically driven businesses and industry leaders are reaping the benefits of cloud computing trend. Gartner predicts that this trend will continue through 2020 about which most companies will have shifted to cloud based services. Businesses are utilizing cloud services to run their organization more efficiently, improve their time to market, better collaboration, create better customer experiences and increase their overall profit margins.

The cloud offers huge advantages for business in improving various business processes. Let's have a look at key advantages of migrating to cloud.

1. Reduces time to market

Building a new solution is no more time consuming. Enterprises can design and build any new solution in shortest possible time and hand over new system to business for getting a quick ROI.

2. Cost Effective

Migrating to cloud frees you from your dependency on your in-house hardware, software and servers. The capital expenditure reduces to bare minimum as all infrastructure cost comes under Opex. Cloud services are simply priced based on consumptions. Organizations only need end-user devices to use these cloud solution and services with required connectivity.

3. Better Service Availability

All these cloud providers maintain different availability zone to overcome fault and provide maximum uptime of these services. Most of the reliable cloud service providers maintain an uptime of 99.9%. These uptime SLA are good for different kinds of organization needs, however for business-critical applications and solutions, where outage cannot be accepted, different ‘Availability set’ can be used. This increases the cost of solution but gives better control on resources. For data / backups it is always recommended to go for multizone redundant RDS/disks to handle different kinds of disasters.

4. Elasticity

Elasticity is one of powerful feature of any cloud service provider. It gives ability to design a solution with minimum specification and gives flexibility to increase resources as usage increase. This gives a lot of control on infrastructure cost and eliminates risk of not utilizing the resources. All cloud provider gives options to automate these changes with increase on load on specific event, e.g, high volume of order registration during Christmas, or any other event when you require high compute.

5. Automate build process / DevOps

DevOps is new buzz in market getting popularity very fast, this enable faster release and deployment management, improvise collaboration between business stakeholders, application development and operations teams, reduce the deployment lead time and gives quick ROI to business. All cloud service providers offer various tools to automate the whole build process with no to minimum cost. The new concepts of Docker and Containerization are further simplifying this process and eliminating the risk associated with operating systems or network security. Organization can simulate, test all non-functional requirements more efficiently before final deployment in production.

6. Data Security

Data lost or deleted by accident or system crash is data gone forever. There are large number of options available to secure business data which enterprises can take advantage to meet their mission critical business needs. All leading cloud service providers offer different geo option to replicate your data to handle any kind of eventuality. Enterprises need to ensure right solution for given requirements. All cloud providers are compliant on global data security and data encryption.

Organizations are fast recognizing the benefits and inevitability of cloud integration as cloud computing adoption is on the rise every year. Enterprises have identified the limitations of on-premise infrastructure and the gains cloud computing offers to enhance production, collaboration, security, revenue and time to market.

Espire Infolabs offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services focusing on seamless collaboration across your business functions - creating an agile, flexible, and a customer centric environment - employing the highest level of security, resiliency and disaster recovery standards. Our service methodology spans a wide range of capabilities around consulting, assessment, migration, security and support services to maximize on scalability, performance and go to market capabilities. Together, Espire with its strategic partnerships ensures delivery of best in class cloud solutions, ensuring smooth transition of your business critical data delivering both scalability and reliability.


Successfully Carried out Cloud Migration for a Leading US-based Healthcare Organization

The customer specializes in creating and delivering patient obligation communications for healthcare revenue cycle management they were managing critical business data on-premises, which increased their capital and operating expenditure on physical infrastructure, that needed a technology solution to support application scalability and disaster recovery also required a strategic technology partner to carry out dataset movement from on-premises to AWS

Enhanced DW Ecosystem with Cloud Migration for a leading European Insurance Company

The customer who is a leading European insurance group, that provides different insurance products to over 30 countries, required a technology partner to carry out cloud migration as majority of data intake was through delimited files coming from varied sources & DW Integration to data sources was partially automated as in majority of cases data extracts were manually placed in folders. Espire assessed the business bottlenecks and suggested a two-step phase-wise approach to ensure incremental evolution of the DW ecosystem in cloud by migrating all existing data warehouse ecosystem from SQL Server to Azure Synapse.

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