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Espire Infolabs is a Digital Transformation and Total Experience (TX) Solutions provider with a Cross-Enterprise approach to deliver future-ready services that are resilient to market disruptions. With focus on TX, we are paving way for enterprises to deploy & deliver the best Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), and Business Experience (BX) – with overarching service offerings around Multi-Experience (MX), and User Experience (UX).

Why do you need a Digital Workplace | Collaborating from anywhere, anytime and any device

Businesses mostly comprise several functions and even today many departments work in silos. This creates a big gap in the connectivity between departments and such projects which require inter-functional co-ordination gets affected. With the evolution of digital technology modern businesses with various departments cannot afford to work in silos. With multiple channels of communication, it creates friction between inter department communication. Here comes the concept of digitally connected workplace for cross functional integration and collaboration.

The concept of a Digital Workplace rose from the belief of putting employees first - to enhance their productivity and efficiency of the business process. The notion of a digital workplace has become a reality with the advancement of technology and further developments continue to have an effect as the workplace evolves. A digital workplace creates an environment that coordinates people, process and technology more closely than ever before.

"The digital workplace is a business strategy that enables new and more effective ways of working, improves employee engagement and agility, and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies." - Gartner

The Need to Deploy a Digital Workplace - By Deloitte

It helps in attracting talent as 64% of employees would opt for lower paying jobs if they could work away from the office.

It enhances employee productivity as organizations with strong online social networks are 7% more productive than others.

It leads to employee satisfaction as organizations that installed social media tools internally found that there was 20% increase in employee satisfaction.

Positive returns from a digital workplace

It creates an environment which harnesses digital intelligence to improve experiences of employees allowing different working styles to thrive. It enables the flexibility of mobility and keeps information, people and organization secure. It offers smoother engagement with customers as employees become more responsive to their needs. A digital workplace helps employees transforms products by improving design, shortening product cycles and faster time to market.

It creates higher employee skill and satisfaction with reduced downtime, lower maintenance cost and better equipment longevity. With higher employee engagement workforce is likely to be enthusiastic contributors and take discretionary initiatives leading to effective business performance. It creates consumer - like computing experience and offer employee autonomy enabling effective teams and seamless collective creation.

Cross department functionality

A Digital Workplace is basically a digital work environment where employees find information and can share their knowledge quickly and acquire help and assistance from colleague across departments. It thus leads to better employee involvement and satisfaction by making information available to right people at the right time. Integration of data from cross platform promotes cross-location collaboration along with making information readily available.

Employee engagement and collaboration

Digital workplace offers employees tools to help them communicate, collaborate and connect with each other. It leads to better risk mitigation, regulatory compliance and enhanced business value. A digital workplace leads to a larger employee engagement as employees collaborate, exchange and share knowledge.

A digital workplace can change how employees work and influence the business. It leads to employee productivity by ensuring that employees can work from anywhere at any time. This helps you and your team to solve issues quickly and respond more effectively to your clients. It creates a collaborative culture as employees find a platform to pose queries and raise challenges they face, to be answered by peers who they’ve never known or spoken before. It offers flexibility to employees to work in a style that suits both in terms of location and time of the day.

It creates a collaborative culture as employees find a platform to pose queries and raise challenges they face, to be answered by peers who they’ve never known or spoken before.

Creation of central work platform

The goal of every digital workplace is to act as central information system and work platform. To reach this, it is necessary to integrate data from a variety of implemented software systems. It creates a structure that accelerates work as many tasks can be accomplished directly from employee dashboards. It means that unnecessary paper work can be done away with, as approvals and reservations can be booked with few mouse clicks. With Digital Workplace, processes can be handled in a standardized manner across the entire company.

Sharing and collaborating are the new success factors as finding answers together is better than struggling alone. Building a modern digital workplace with global scale, agility and reliability to enable working from anywhere, anytime and any device is a competitive advantage for modern day enterprises. But are organizational silos, operational inefficiencies, high cost, and information governance challenges hampering your overall collaboration strategy? Espire Infolabs, has been working with various organizations across several domains building collaborative digital workplaces to empower businesses to run efficiently. We map user journeys to drive improved employee engagement, seamless operations and revenue growth for global businesses


Designed a scalable Kofax solution to automatically extract and manage key financial data for a leading UK-based real-estate company

The customer depended on physical processing of key financial documents which involved extensive dependence on manual efforts , therefore, required a strategic partner to design an agile tech solution which can automate the invoicing process and digitize key business processes and efficiently manage confidential data.

Creating an automated online voting platform for seamless onboarding and improved Voter Experience

One of the major challenges faced by the customer was - conducting the cooperative elections amidst the nationwide lockdowns in the US as casting votes on a piece of paper was neither safe nor feasible. Espire built an online voting application to integrate all the three existing ways of voting in one place including: Online voting (through a website), SmartHub voting (through single sign-on), Paper ballot voting (which includes data entry and verification)

Enhanced user query resolution with Microsoft Azure-based Chatbot for a Leading Australian University

A leading Public University with campuses across Australia and Internationally.This Australian University is ranked in the top two percent of universities worldwide by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings required a strategic technology partner to develop a self-service chatbot for streamlining systems and processes for optimal utilization

Successfully Carried out Cloud Migration for a Leading US-based Healthcare Organization

The customer specializes in creating and delivering patient obligation communications for healthcare revenue cycle management they were managing critical business data on-premises, which increased their capital and operating expenditure on physical infrastructure, that needed a technology solution to support application scalability and disaster recovery also required a strategic technology partner to carry out dataset movement from on-premises to AWS

Improved Customer Experience & Collaboration for a Leading Hospital in Singapore

A leading hospital in the Singapore group of healthcare institutions which was established in 2008. The client is the group's largest hospital and serves as the tertiary hospital for the cluster. Required a user-friendly portal with enhanced features for collaboration and data sharing for the staff, Needed to create an Intranet portal, which serves as a gateway to access all other institution sites under its cluster

Digital workplace solutions for the healthcare sector

Digital workplace solutions can help healthcare workers share critical patient data with utmost confidentiality, while effectively collaborating within different departments of the hospital to share knowledge, discuss treatment regime and save lives

Top 5 ways how digital transformation is empowering change in higher education

Digital transformation has helped higher education institutions optimize key business operations, while making education accessible to all the global citizens. Digital Education has been a key enabler for higher education institutes for driving greater enrolments as well as enriching student experience and engagements

Building next gen universities with digital workplace solutions for achieving total experience goals

Higher Education Universities must focus on digitally transforming their existing learning models while simplifying their operations by employing futuristic technologies to deliver unified experiences to the staff and students. With online, seamless, integrated, and intuitive collaboration tools, Digital Workplace solutions can help solve business problems and enable universities to operate productively.

Microsoft graph import third party platform messages in teams

Managing multiple points of interactions across diverse messaging platforms is not only tedious but also becomes a point of confusion with potential loss of information. Taking cognizance of this, Microsoft Graph has launched APIs to programmatically import third-party platform messages into Microsoft Teams. Users can now import channel messages into a new team, specify the message sender, add timestamp and link to files

Microsoft graph top usecases for businesses to bolster productivity and growth

Microsoft Graph has emerged as a preferred choice for large enterprises for building scalable solutions across multiple platforms and APIs. With its wide access to data and insights, it allows developers to create customer-centric solutions and deliver impeccable experiences across multiple devices to millions of users

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