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Director | CCM

Yogesh has over 15 years of experience in managing successful deliveries for multi-channel customer communication management (MCCCM) services with expertise in CRM, billing and business intelligence tools. He has been in the forefront in executing small to large size projects using agile methodology within budget and time ensuring quality standards.

The top 6 reasons for opting Managed Services

On the path to digital transformation businesses need to adopt to newer technologies and services to meet the demands of enterprise as well as the customers it serves. Applications have become critical resource for organizations and are at the heart of digital transformation. Every organization has huge business critical applications numbering in few hundreds to even thousands. It does not matter whether the organization is big or small - the services it offers and industry in which it operates - enterprises cannot afford to ignore the development, implementation and management of wide range of application.

Managing these staggering amounts of applications is a monumental task for IT resources- draining them of their energies instead of engaging their efforts towards growing the business. As the digital age disrupts every industry, organizations are faced with IT challenges and hence Application Management Services (AMS) have become critical in managing growing number of applications. Business leaders are opting for third party managed software solutions to manage different apps.

Application Management Services is growing rapidly as AMS market is expected to reach $87.6 Bn by 2025. Industries in healthcare and finance, lacking internal IT resources, rely heavily on apps for internal work process as well as customer solutions and thus require the support from an AMS provider. Business leaders are recognizing the value of AMS to help them operate with ease by handing over their worries of managing critical apps.

Companies do not need to worry about hiring additional skill pool and invest huge sums in training and acquiring and retaining IT assets. With AMS service providers companies can access deep skill pool to meet exact skills to manage their complex application needs. With right AMS partner, companies get access to a team of IT specialists skilled in various programming languages and operating systems to help them function smoothly without any added cost.

Critical app failure can cause huge loss

Failure in mission critical applications can severely daunt your business functions and can halt your operations costing huge time and money. Any glitch in operation of such apps can impact your business reputation, limit your productivity and can lead to additional costs. Payment processing, online banking, mobile banking or billing systems are mission critical for any financial services and banking and any breakdown of these applications would cause huge losses and operational breakdown for these companies.

Frees up IT resources for critical tasks

AMS gives an added advantage by freeing up your IT team from support and long-term maintenance tasks saving their valuable time for other important tasks. Your AMS provider covers all your monitoring and maintenance needs from bug fixing, patching, emergent failures and app diagnostics.

Access to IT specialists

When you hand over the important task of maintaining and managing your critical apps to an experienced AMS provider, you get access to skilled IT experts with expertise that your own IT team do not possess. These IT experts with superior skills in app development and management bring in innovative approach to your business operations. With insightful analysis the IT experts offer recommendations and improvements that help you improve your business practices in an effective and newer ways.

The cost of service Downtime

Any downtime in your app functioning can cost you a huge some of money and bring in bad reputation. In 2016-17, five major airlines including Delta, British Airways, JetBlue, Southwest, and United suffered significant outages. The incident not only had cost implications as loss of ticket revenue from website breakdown and delay compensations but also created negative media coverage and trust deficit with the customers.

Application Management Services Alleviates Risk

An AMS provider ensures best practices to minimize the risk of downtime by engaging highly skilled and experience IT professionals to deflect any possible downtime. Thus, allocating the task of crisis management to an AMS provider you can alleviate some of the associated risk of downtime.

AMS Facilitates Business Growth

Companies partnering with an AMS provider can focus on increasing the quality of their critical applications and need not make efforts in simply ensuring functionality and uptime. Companies can focus on innovations as IT teams can be engaged into productive tasks leading to growth of business.

Outsourcing regular and critical app management tasks give companies an added advantage to scale up their business. In the end, companies are fast realizing that the increasing volume of repeatable tasks of application management are causing huge drain on resources and time. Hence, companies will continue to seek support services from AMS providers in near future.

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AMS is growing rapidly as its market is expected to reach $87.6 Bn by 2025. Companies leveraging an AMS provider can focus on innovations as IT teams can be engaged into productive tasks leading to growth of business

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