Author : Amardeep Kumar
Director - MCCCM

Amardeep heads the Multi-Channel Customer Communications Management (MCCCM) practice for Espire. He has overall 13 years of industry experience in various roles, with 9 of those being exclusively in the Customer Communications domain. He brings an in-depth knowledge of the latest advances in MCCCM tools and technologies, deployment procedures and best practices in MCCCM and, has hands-on expertise with leading MCCCM technologies from Pitney Bowes, HP, GMC & Doxee.

Experience the power of smarter communication with Pitney Bowes

Customers today are looking for a more relevant, contextual and personalized experience in real-time. They demand accessibility across all customer touchpoints according to their convenience and choice. For businesses to be successful, this has become a challenge to reach the connected customers in a more meaningful way and delight them across the customer journey and keep them loyal to the brand. This requires having a real-time insight into customer's complicated journey to deliver engaging and personalized messages across all touchpoints. Such in-depth and real-time understanding about customers creates new avenues for deeper customer relationships and brand loyalty which is mutually beneficial to both the customer and the business.

Customer Engagement Solution- Uncovering Customer Insights

With a team of over 16,000 dedicated professionals internationally, Pitney Bowes helps clients deliver impactful communications to their customers. It delivers client-centric solutions to help businesses utilize their transactions and interactions to truly connect with customers in a meaningful way. With true precision and accuracy the company is enabling billions of digital transactions to connect the vast world of digital commerce. Pitney Bowes with its Customer Information Management arms clients with insightful data and appropriate tools to explore customer preferences and behaviors in details- cementing new relationships with targeted and effective messages across different platforms.

Pitney Bowes' Customer Engagement solutions offers clients with deep understanding and insights into customer behavior across entire customer journey in order to deliver consistent, contextual and personalized digital interactions in real-time. It leads to a transformation in customer engagement- converting inconsistent interactions into a well targeted and channelized communication. The solutions are aimed at uncovering insights about customers for businesses to target them with the right solutions at the right time. It delivers critical servicing and marketing communications across all digital and traditional touch points.

EngageOne Converse & EngageOne Digital Self Service

With EngageOne Converse chatbot service and EngageOne Digital Self Service, the company offers its clients to provide self-service facility to their customers at a time when impatient customers demand quick and high paced delivery. With self-service, clients can reach to their customers with tailor-made solutions on different platforms to address their queries and service needs. The chatbot technology helps businesses exceed customer’s expectations by streamlining service and customer engagement in a pace that meets customer’s urgency. It helps deflect customer frustration due to slow response rate and reduces costs by eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. It unburdens call center agents and give customers precisely what they need and in a pace that suits them.

EngageOne Video - Transforming Customer Interactions

Pitney Bowes offers EngageOne Video solutions to offer superior customer experiences. Such personalized videos allow clients to offer unique, relevant and real-time experience to customers with compelling and delightful content. It leaves a strong impression upon the customers by educating, informing and inspiring them and hence streamlining customer service. Right messaging with videos helps acquire new customers and grow existing relationships.

Customer Communication Platform- Delivering Personalized Communication

Espire leverages Pitney Bowes' market leading customer communication platform to ensure personalized, omni-channel, interactive and automated customer communication. This is well aligned with Espire's commitment to empower businesses with our customer journey mapping and digital transformation initiatives, powered by our fully-integrated Customer Engagement Hub model. Pitney Bowes’ customer communication platform along with their marketing automation and legacy modernization frameworks deliver superior customer experience driving competitive advantage for global clients.

Espire, being a digital and CX transformation expert in partnership with Pitney Bowes and leading CCM providers, is enabling business worldwide to take complete charge of the complex customer journey. We leverage on Pitney Bowes products such as DOC 1 series, EngageOne, Emtex , e2 Vault, Spectrum to deliver engaging and relevant multi-channel customer communications solutions for customers.


Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

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Streamlined print management & workflows to improve digital customer communications management for a leading postal services brand

Espire studied the customer's key business bottlenecks and deployed scalable Quadient-based solutions to fast-track business outcomes, Leveraged Inspire Designer to develop one-single platform for the CCM application & Replaced different composition tools with Inspire Designer and successfully carried out multiple migrations, which included Doc1 Series 4 and 5 applications, FormScape, Solimar applications to Quadient Inspire

Rapid Migration of Legacy Templates for largest bank in SEA to achieve faster business outcomes

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