Author : Yogesh Gupta
Director | CCM

Yogesh has over 15 years of experience in managing successful deliveries for multi-channel customer communication management (MCCCM) services with expertise in CRM, billing and business intelligence tools. He has been in the forefront in executing small to large size projects using agile methodology within budget and time ensuring quality standards.

Deliver Seamless Communication for exceptional Customer Experience with Quadient

At a time when products and pricing no more remain the differentiator between brands, companies need to move their focus towards meeting the expectations of modern customer. In a world full of choice and competition, customer experience has taken the centerstage. However, companies today are struggling to design and adopt effective CX strategies that delights the customers and fulfill their expectations as they lack the right communication systems and delivery in place.

Companies need to deliver delightful experiences to customers with relevant, meaningful and personalized omni-channel communications in order to gain the competitive advantage and build customer loyalty. Organizations, however, with their legacy systems, departmental silos and changing regulations and compliance issues are not able to deliver on customer experience requirements.

Customer correspondence has become the vital source of reaching the customers with personalized offerings that gives them the feel of exclusivity and attention. This requires adoption of right customer communication management (CCM) solution to create hyper-focused correspondence by offering what they want and providing information they need to remain relevant amidst competition.

One Experience, unlimited channels - Quadient

In this ever evolving CCM space, Quadient has emerged as the leader supporting clients and partners worldwide ranging from financial, insurance and service provider industries in their quest to achieve customer experience excellence with an omni-channel approach including mobile, digital, social media and print technologies. Quadient enables organizations to deliver highly personalized, timely, optimized, contextual and relevant communications for a superior customer experience.

Quadient offers Inspire platform as a robust solution for all CCM needs. The Inspire platform gives you complete control to deliver traditional communications across all channels with an easy to use seamless tools optimized for high speed design and output. With the CCM package, you stand a greater chance to deliver on customer experience with visibility across the entire customer journey, collaboration across the business and quick changes to the content.

Single centralized platform for communication

Quadient Inspire is an award winning CCM solution that offers one centralized platform to design, manage and deliver high-volume and on-demand personalized communications across the customer journey. Real-time, multi-channel and interactive communications can dramatically lead to improvised CX through a centralised CCM platform.

Effortless and consistent content generation

Business users can now effortlessly design and manage content, offer interactive and on-demand communication with a centralized solution and ready to use templates. With Inspire, businesses can design the most dynamic online and printed communications while ensuring brand consistency and compliance requirement. It ensures that your brand communication with library of templates remain consistent and customers experience consistency in your messaging.

Faster time to market

Adoption of a centralized CCM solution leads to reduction of IT costs as it offers business users with self-service capabilities allowing them to make marketing changes in communication without the need of any IT intervention. It thus leads to faster time to market as documents are processed in real-time.

Giving choice with omni-channel presence

Customers have their own preference for choosing the channels of communication. Hence, you need to be present on all touch points. With Inspire you can use existing templates and data from your core systems to create highly personalized and relevant communication for delivery across all channels.

Supporting business users with reduced costs

Quadient Inspire eliminates the need for hiring expensive agencies or purchasing digital-only solutions for omni-channel delivery of communication. It leads to upskilling of your design teams to extend existing communication templates to new channels enabling them to take up multi-channel and omni-channels projects on their own.

Reduced compliance risk

With changing regulatory landscape, organizations need to respond quickly to such changes. Inspire allows for increased compliance by involving subject matter experts in the content creation, review and approval process by providing a holistic view of customer communication and having greater control over them.

Companies today face challenges on multiple front as consumers stand empowered with growing number of channels and choices, proliferation of disparate data and regulatory compliance encircling from all corners. There is thus a huge need for a communication system that addresses all these needs. Quadient, with its CCM solution, is making it possible for businesses to stay ahead in the race of providing superior customer experience by delivering exceptional, accurate, relevant and contextual communication.


Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

Delivering Consistent And Compelling Customer Communication With Self Serve Communication Portal

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