6 advantages of AI that can supercharge your Customer Experience

According to a Gartner survey 81% of market leaders are expected to compete on Customer Experience (CX) in 2019. Companies are trying to compete for better CX with the deployment of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, machine learning and IoT in their offerings. Gartner also predicts that majority of AI business value will be represented by CX. AI has opened a window of opportunity for companies to position themselves as brands with customer focus and centricity.

Listed below are the advantages of employing AI for an efficient CX.

AI makes you 'always there' for your customers

You cannot create a more convenient technique for CX than a chatbot program. It lets your customer experience your presence round the clock getting them rid of the trouble of contacting call centers during particular time and days of the week. It leads to analysis of bigger problems through large volume of customer interactions daily which ultimately helps in improving CX for future customers.

Breakthrough CX with AI

Customers on the go today want contextual communication and that too in real time. Deploying AI serves the very right purpose by combining ease of use with speed. Integration of AI with your services offer amplified and efficient CX for your customers. Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Google's search engines are all transforming the way customers interact and get attracted towards a brand. Google Maps street view provide step by step directions overlaid onto the real world giving a real-time on-site experience. The human sounding virtual assistant, Alexa, can answer almost all queries and commands of the user including weather forecasts, order takeout and handling other basic tasks as commanded by the voice of user

Prevent before it occurs for seamless CX

AI helps in identifying and predicting problems beforehand through predictive modelling. This would mean deflecting problems away from the customers by resolving the issue before they actually reach the customers. A modern online supermarket store can use AI to monitor the buying behavior of its customer and the regularity of buying and henceforth can notify the customer that their stock might be running out. AI can also guide customers to add such items into their cart while checking out. By offering these small solution brands can leverage such improvised customer experience to win trust and loyalty.

Understanding the needs of customers

With millions of interactions through AI brands can now have a deeper understanding of their customers, their preference, likes and dislikes. Through natural language processing a chat bot can offer relevant and contextual communication by truly understanding what people mean. It helps to identify themes and understand sentiments. Hence, proper feedback can be taken about service offerings leading to necessary changes and taking CX to altogether a new level. AI can be employed to automate responses to better understand the issues and fix it accordingly.

Customers want personalization and more personalization

AI helps you do more than just collect and handle customer feedback. It helps you to go ahead and create unique experiences for each client, based on his past behavior and data. Whether it's new offerings, product recommendations, or home page tailored to their interests, with AI, you can now discover yourselves what customers want and hence increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Putting Human Interactions at the right place

The additional advantage of using AI is that it deals with repeated queries that appear daily and frees the employees to focus on activities that require a human touch. With an organization requiring crucial human interactions for customers, AI comes as an aid as employees can now focus on more critical queries. AI's greatest impact is to transform customer service by making it automated, fast and problem-free. Sales representatives, call center agents and employees in other customer service roles are not expected to understand and remember the customer's record fully before each conversation. But artificial intelligence makes it possible now.

Final Word:

While consumers are more open to interacting with robots and systems led by AI to get a better experience, organizations still need to be cautious about how to provide artificial intelligence to customers. The following points summarize this:

According to a research, 73% of consumers are aware that they interact with AI systems and about 70% are satisfied with such interactions. This shows that consumers connect well with an artificial intelligence solution.

Despite high participation, consumers still expect human-like behavior from artificial intelligence systems. In some interactions, consumers prefer interaction with humans rather than artificial intelligence at all. Therefore, organizations should carefully consider the correct strategy for applying artificial intelligence to consumer interactions and seek regular customer feedback to be consistent with their expectations. An organization that has clarity on how to improve the solution of artificial intelligence from the client experience will earn a higher return over the long term.

Make customer-centric decisions when implementing any artificial intelligence system and you should reap the benefits of increasing your purchase, increasing the pace of purchase and ultimately revenue growth.

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