5 ways Live Chat can transform your CX strategy

Customer experience is all about ensuring that you meet and go beyond the expectations of your customer by providing real time contextual offerings. Good customer experience creates benchmark for customer loyalty, which in turn leads to higher revenue growth. Businesses today are equipping themselves with live chats to provide a seamless experience to their customers. A live chat delights customer interaction and creates memorable experience to build long lasting relationship.

Live Chat is a tool added to websites allowing people who visit a website for engaging with the company to resolve their queries and provide relevant information on the spot and in real-time. It creates instant gratification as it offers solutions when it is needed unlike slow response taking up hours or even days.

5 ways Live Chat gives your CX strategy an edge

Live chat has been proven to provide several benefits including new leads generation, increased sales, and improved customer satisfaction rates. In this article we enlist 5 ways Live Chat can give your CX strategy an edge.

Offer real-time response and handle multiple customers

Customers demand instant answers when they are looking for support. Any delays in response would mean that you risk losing customers. Slow response time is often cited as top reasons for customers leaving. With live chat an agent can offer immediate resolution and can handle multiple customers at once so that more customers can be handled without them having to wait for too long.

Integrated with CRM live chat can offer personalized service

Once your live chat is integrated with your CRM database you can initiate your chat with your customer’s first name and help you personalize your services right from the beginning. With CRM integration you can have instant access to all your customer’s profile, purchase history and any past interaction. You would not need to ask your customer to feed in their details every time they use chat. This leads to seamless experience for your customers as you can focus more on offering real-time solutions and swift grievance redressal. You can also inform the customers about any pending or open requests to make them feel that you really care about them.

Offers seamless browsing and buying experience

A live chat integrated with your website helps your customers easily navigate to the pages and products they are looking for without having to scroll and scan the entire website. Customers can now easily ask questions and clear any doubts about a particular product in real-time for a seamless buying experience. Thus, live chats with hassle-free browsing and buying features keeps your customers happy as they keep returning and remain connected.

Resolution through Self-Help FAQs

A live chat can offer self-help FAQs to the customers without them really needing to start an interaction with the agent. Chat widgets can offer them the most relevant FAQ’s based on the keywords of the questions. This results in faster resolution and makes for a great customer experience. Also, such FAQs can be made available on 404 failure pages so that customers with the help of chat widget can navigate to the right page or information they are looking for instead of simply leaving your website.

Chat transcripts offer positive post chat experience

Customers through live chat can be sent the copy of their interactions with the agent through e-mail. By offering such transcripts you give your customers the option to revisit their conversation and need not resort to initiate further chat for the same question again, in case they had forgotten the solution or may have missed the links or related FAQs. With the transcript customers can easily revisit the conversation and navigate to the resolution right away from their inbox.

Live chat is a great addition to your business as it caters to the needs of customers all through their journey from initial queries about the product to the buying process and finally post purchase clarifications and grievance resolutions. Customers need not wait for long call queue and get the right help at the right time leading to a superior customer experience. Live chat on your webpage also help you convert anonymous visitors into buyers by having one to one interaction with them and offering instant resolution. Finally, a user-friendly, informative and hassle-free live chat session leads to improvised customer engagement and efficient customer experience.

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